The Stepfather

By snoozie09
Written October 28, 2009
I enjoyed this movie. It had me guessing throughout. I was on the edge of my seat quite a few times. The ending was a surprise, not what I was expecting at all. I was very pleased. As a matter of fact I may go see it again, to catch all the little things I may have missed.
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The Stepfather

By shoesandsocks
Written November 04, 2009
Very scary- i a suspenseful kind of way. Even when you knew what was coming- it got you! Several times everyone in the theater (weekday, so only about 20) jumped simultaneously. Constant adreneline rush. Too much skin with the young couple- very sensual- not recommended for teens.For sdults- a good scare- not an overwhelming plot, but a fun scary movie.
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good movie

By movielver89
Written October 21, 2009
I really liked this movie becasue it was very suspensful and it really makes you think about people you dont really know lol. It was crazy and kept you guessing the whole time and it didnt have a chessy ending. the actors are so hot and make the movie even better. acting was really good and im serious when i say it wasnt cheesy.
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Don't bother seeing this movie.

By jsimants
Written October 24, 2009
This had to be the dumbest movies ever. I can't believe we choose this one to see. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a comedy or a horror flick, yet the plot was predictable every step of the way. The acting was horrible, but without any big names in the cast that didn't surprise me. There were constant jump scenes which anybody listening should have expected by the overuse of suspense background music, and when it wasn't that, the movie was set to crappy emo music. Other than the Stepfather, you'd think one of the charactors would have had the sense for what to do with a phone. If you're one for eye candy, you'll love the son's girlfriend who, aside from at the beginning of the movie, apparently seems to live her entire life wearing only underwear or bikinis.
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Would have said soso..

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written October 22, 2009
...if it wasnt for what i thought some moviemakers and actors were finally getting smart about. And that is being so scared the script,dialogue etc wasnt good enough that they had to have young actress practically naked for the whole movie. if you are familiar with my reviews,you probably expected that :) but it is honestly no joke. Where is her talent? Honest men will admit that it detracts from other aspects of a film. Honest women will admit its uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. I know so many good guys who just dont pay for movies any longer because of this very type of thing. Okay,enough of that. As far as the movie goes,there was nooo mystery at all,and mostly unbelievable and elementary dialogue. Beyond formulaic. Bad acting on part of all females. I used to love Sela! The title role,dylan walsh was the best,as far as portraying a constantly on the edge pyschotic. i would have loved some insight into his psychology. Son, no impression really. Definitely a rental.
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