Entertaining comedy

By Some_ol'_Doo
Written July 24, 2008
First off, for those who haven't seen it, don't rate it. If I had rated it before I had seen it, I would have said that, from the trailers, this movie looks stupid and reminiscent of pretty much every other comedy Will Ferrel and his new side-kick, John C. Reilly has done. I would say this movie is entertaining. It doesn't actually contain as bad crude humor as, say, Superbad (which really brought that movie down, I think). There were some parts that were really, really funny, and there were some parts that were just funny, and there were, of course, parts that were just meh. Personally, I wouldn't pay $10.50 to see it (as an employee, I saw a film screening), but probably would make a good rental or a group of friends kind of movie (during matinee, haha).
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By cymbalthrasher
Written July 15, 2008
I saw this at an advanced screening and I never stopped laughing. It's one of those movies where you don't really care about any plot, you just wanna see what kinda gags they're gonna come up with next. Loved it!
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By zjim377
Written June 09, 2008
Looks pretty god as far as the trailer is conserned. Will and John are at it again in which looks to be a great movie.
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Step Brothers

By silverone
Written August 04, 2008
The movie was one of the funniest I've seen in theaters in a while. The humor was childish, but can you expect from Will Ferrell. He's still good even though he's the same person in all of these movies. The movie was memorable, but not an epic movie obviously. Good for laughs, expect little and you'll get a bunch.
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Great Movie!

By streinen
Written July 21, 2008
I really enjoyed this movie. I really hope they make a sequel. The acting was terrific, and the wardrobe alone should win an Oscar!
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