Written April 17, 2009
Tues 4/14 - I just attended the advance press preview of this thrilling gripping thoroughly entertaining 2hr movie that was based on a BBC series. STATE OF PLAY is extremely relevant to today's 'war-mongering' war-contracting 'climate'. This movie couldn't have been more timely. It gives you a hint at how profitable war is to some individuals/corporations - and the corruption in high-level government that promotes war - and the people that stand to benefit from it...... makes you wonder why the U.S.-Iraq and U.S.-Afghan war has dragged on... We also witness how some top-level reporters pursue scoops and how they are very much like detectives in their own rights in their pursuit of the 'truth'. STATE OF PLAY was well-written, expertly-directed, smoothly-edited - superbly well-cast well-acted by Russell Crowe, Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck, and Helen Mirren. VERDICT: A MUST SEE movie. Definitely has depth - not some mindless shoot-em-up car-chase big-explosions flick.
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Critical Current Events - Superb Acting

By phasmid
Written April 08, 2009
Do not evaluate this against the made-for-TV SOP. This is a stand-alone, different story - superb (as-perfect-as-they-get) movie, acting, directing, action and very timely current events. MUST SEE! RC is in top form and makes it all worth while. Don't miss this director -he is great.
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Excellent movie

Written April 17, 2009
I saw the employee screening of "State of Play" at my movie theatre and i have to say, i enjoyed it, it was very entertaining. The whole movie will keep you on the edge of the seat wondering what will happen next, what clues will be coming out. There are so many talented actors in it such as Crowe and Affleck, and Mirren and so many others. Adults should go and check this movie out. It is a movie that i would see again, but the ending will leave you surprised and shocked. This movie is a must see! There are not many movies to check out around this time that are good, but this movie was excellent! Go see it now. It def. is worth the money.
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Same old 'Bash the Soldier' stuff as usual...

By Mightyquick
Written April 24, 2009
Russell and Affleck do their jobs decently but I absolutely detest the tired old leftist take on things that the soldier is the most detestable, mindless drone on the planet. But what else would you expect from true lefty drones like Affleck, Damon, Tim Robbins and others of their ilk. Always demonizing soldiers and the founding fathers principles.
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Great Movie... highly recommend!

By jeffdenapoli
Written April 29, 2009
I am a sci-fi fan by nature, but I went to see this movie out of boredom and was VERY pleasantly surprised. I am not a pro movie-reviewer by any means, but the movie seemed very well put together and deserves applause. Russell Crowe is great (as usual) but the rest of the cast, even Ben Affleck, who usually can't act his way out of a paper bag, was really Good. Helen Mirren and Rachel McAdams were also very compelling. There really is no slow part of this movie, which is why I loved it. It kept me engaged the whole time, and I think it was over 2 hours long. Often these types of political/espionage-ish thrillers can get overly confusing, but this one does not. There is nothing worse than a movie that intentionally tries to confuse the viewer just because of the subject material, or to make the movie seem better and more complex than it actually is (I am looking at you, Good Shepherd). State of Play gives you just enough knowledge to keep you glued the whole time and never get bored.
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