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An investigative journalist (Russell Crowe) stumbles into a cover-up of gigantic proportions as he and his partner probe the murder of a beloved congressman's (Ben Affleck) mistress.
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Tues 4/14 - I just attended the advance press preview of this thrilling gripping thoroughly entertaining 2hr movie that was based on a BBC series. STATE OF PLAY is extremely relevant to today's...

Critical Current Events - Superb Acting

By phasmid
Do not evaluate this against the made-for-TV SOP. This is a stand-alone, different story - superb (as-perfect-as-they-get) movie, acting, directing, action and very timely current events. MUST SEE!...

Excellent movie

I saw the employee screening of "State of Play" at my movie theatre and i have to say, i enjoyed it, it was very entertaining. The whole movie will keep you on the edge of the seat wondering what...

Same old 'Bash the Soldier' stuff as usual...

By Mightyquick
Russell and Affleck do their jobs decently but I absolutely detest the tired old leftist take on things that the soldier is the most detestable, mindless drone on the planet. But what else would you...

Great Movie... highly recommend!

By jeffdenapoli
I am a sci-fi fan by nature, but I went to see this movie out of boredom and was VERY pleasantly surprised. I am not a pro movie-reviewer by any means, but the movie seemed very well put together and...

Fantastically Political, Beautifully Twisted

By katherinekiyoko
I went into this movie with great expections, and they were all exceeded. The plot is really great, deep, and interesting. It's nice to go to a movie that has more meaning that some buildings...

Absolutely Amazing!

By action critic
Now I am the type of person that makes sure that he really wants to see a movie before he goes and spends 20 bucks. Now Ive seen the vast majority of russel crowe's films; and I knew this would be no...

Quiet Please

By quietplease
Nobody should be talking during this movie. Suspenseful! and edge of the seat entertainment....

State of Play is Worth waiting in line for and guess what very few lines which makes it a must for Date Night.

By mariamar
I love all the current stuff such as: Newspapers dying, blogging, mystery, courage, emotions around work. Interesting premise. Several great actors!! The two main females were great!!! What a...

Best DC Thriller

By dunscotus
State of Play was the best Washington, DC-type political thriller I've seen in a long time. Not everything about the movie was good, but it definitely succeeds in building suspense and creating...

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Rated PG-13 | For brief drug content, some violence, sexual references and language
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Common Sense Media says Mature, well-acted thriller mixes violence and politics.
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