What the . . . . . ? ?? ???

By TruxR4Girlz
Written July 20, 2010
Genius? Or just plain bad? I was just utterly confused - no angered - by this movie. Was it a drama? Or was it a comedy? Did they mean to hit every movie cliche out of sarcasm? Or because it's a terrible movie? The movie does have an unusual plot with a complicated intermingling and development of characters. Ethan Hawke played a great idiot -- the actress who played his wife portrayed a great idiot, too. At first you think perhaps she isn't. The other two main characters were also convincing as a mobster trying to have a conscious and a butcher who's being controlled by the mob waiting for his ship to come in. I only kept watching because I wondered if it would ever get any better. I had to pause the movie several times for a "time out" to discuss what was happening with my friends. I think I wasted a couple of hours I will never get back. If someone else dares to watch this movie, please let me know your thoughts.
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By Horatio56
Written May 13, 2011
This is among the worst movies I've ever sat through. When a guy got up after 5 minutes I thought: "He's got the right idea..." , but didn't follow my instincts. This is such a pathetic excuse for a movie that i don't know where to start. Pure nonsense throughout. Using Cathollic Christian imagery to slander it backhandedly was offensive (but expected) from the start, and continued throughout. Christopher Plummer as a Ming the Magnificent evil authoritarian religious leader type was beyond silly. The Clint Eastwood cowboy image of the priest-become-vampire half breed, was also a testament to the student filmmaker-like quality throughout. Why am I even taking the time to do this??? That bad! Go see anytihng else!
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