Star Wars All Over Again

By Darkola
Written February 21, 2012
I remember seeing this the first time years ago, and was disappointed, I guess because I was a big fan of episodes IV, V, and VI, and the characters. After seeing it again, I was really surprised this time that I really enjoyed it this time around, even know its really the same movie, so seeing it again on the big screen was cool. As far as the 3D to the movie, I seen many complaints about it, and to be honest, I think that over all, it really wasnt a bad job, it wasnt over done, to distract from the movie, and it did add depth to the movie. To think that it would be as good as a movie filmed in 3D, no it will never be, but to have it edited, and made into 3D, I think the job was well done, yes there are some parts where I feel they missed their opportunity, where the 3D should have shined a little more, and other parts where you couldnt see the 3D at all, but my overall experience, I enjoyed seeing the movie all over again, with a little more depth added to it. 3 of 4 Stars
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Star Wars Adds New Dimension to Already Wonderful Film

By Qui Gon Gren
Written February 14, 2012
The saga was meant to be seen in 3D - don't miss this opportunity! Star Wars in 3D was very well done and worth seeing in the theaters if you are a fan. If you are not, maybe it's time to give it another try - this format is well worth the effort. The movie was not originally filmed with 3D cameras, but the 2D to 3D conversion was subtly done and looked great - actually helped better define characters and events. In a way (no joke intended), the 3D helped add some dimension to the film that it may have been lacking beforehand.
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By forever7
Written February 13, 2012
this movie was really bad in 3d. you could tell everything was computer generated. it look way better in blu ray. Even when i convert the 2d to 3d it still looks better. dont waste your money seeing this movie or any like it. cool glasses though
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Star Wars Episode I

By jhillmer
Written February 12, 2012
Simply outstanding. My three children, ages 9, 6, and 5 love it, and were shocked at the effect of wearing those 3D glasses and having everything jump out into their laps! Love it!
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Star Wars Episode 1

By weaunk
Written February 11, 2012
The 3D did not POP as i expected it would. My 3DS has more POP than this latest release of Star Wars did. Very disappointing. It sure wasn't worth the price of $15.
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