Massive disappointment!

By Alski76
Written January 31, 2015
Save your money. Wait for episode III. Just on a technical level what the 3D did was that it spotlighted the faults of the narrative and made everything slow and drab. The only cool effect was the opening crawl which puts you in space, but everything else was just blah! If I paid the full price for a 3D ticket I would've been more upset, but a friend hooked me up with a pass so I can't complain too much. The highlight for me was seeing the trailers for Amazing Spiderman and John Carter in 3D.
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An awesome experience

By madeyematthew
Written October 21, 2014
It was great to see this movie again on the big screen. The movie theater gives you an immersive experience, and the 3D added to that experience. It was not over-done, in-your-face 3D; it really just added another dimension (haha, literally) to the film. 3D is best when it feels like you are looking through a window into another world, not when that world is jumping out of the screen at you. There were a few moments when the 3D didn't work for me, but I enjoyed it for the vast majority of the time. As far as the movie itself, I don't want to spend too much time discussing that. It's been out for almost 13 years; you either like it or you don't. If you are still angry about aspects of this movie (like, say, Jar Jar), it's time to let go. Star Wars is supposed to be something you sit down and have fun watching, and that's exactly what I got.
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See It From The Beginning, You Must, In 3D!

By Argonaut
Written March 01, 2015
I've been a huge fan of Star Wars from the beginning, but I have to admit the same as most fans feel about Episode I: The Phantom Menace... it didn't have the same heart as IV, V, and VI. However, I just had to experience it again in 3D IMAX ... and I'm glad I did. The film felt a lot faster and more enjoyable this time around, and maybe that's because there's been enough time since it's first release, to more appreciate and have affection for the actors and their characters. Even Jar-Jar didn't jar me as much this time! I also have a lot more clarity for the complete storyline now, having let them sink in for a dozen or more years. As far as the 3D experience, considering the original wasn't made for 3D, and there's no gimmicky in-your-face gotcha's...the process did help give the film a richer depth of field without looking 'layered'. And the pod-race scene alone was worth the extra 3 bucks, for sure! All 6 eps will come out in 3D, now...and I will be there for them all!
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Really, Really Good

By b_jamin
Written February 12, 2012
The 3D made it almost like you were there. Did not pop out of the screen as much as I thought it would but the heights looked frightening!
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Even better the second time!

By noahitch
Written February 10, 2012
The last time I saw this movie was back in 2000 or so when it came out, and I loved qui gon jin and darth maul then, and I loved them even more this time! This is still one of my more favorite of star wars movies, and it definitely ranks pup there with episode IV and VI for me! as for the ones after this one, well, I just hope they don't waste their time making those 3D as well. And on the topic of jar jar binks... I don't think he's THAT bad, a mistake for sure, but the movie is still great!
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