Plenty of depth for a shallow story

By AnakinFlair
Written February 13, 2012
Down to the nitty gritty. Is the 3-D worth paying $8-$11 bucks to go see? No, not really. The 3-D was done well, in that the picture quality didn't suffer at all. But instead of popping off the screen, it sank into it, giving it a new field of depth which was nice at times, but at other times made me continuously aware of the dimensions of the screen. Nothing ever really came out at you. The best scene, for me, was the ending space battle that looked beautiful in 3-D. But otherwise- I felt like I spent $8 to see a movie I already own on Blu-ray and DVD.
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Nothing new

Written February 12, 2012
Right off the back I was annoyed since the promotion which had been at the local AMC website in my area (NYC) had already run out. This was upsetting since the promotion for the Pod Racer 3D glasses had stated it would run the entire weekend with the purchase of each ticket. This turned into a bait/switch in my opinion. Then to watch 1/2 of the movie w/o the glasses made it worst since there was barely any real 3D going on.
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A bit of a let down...

By mrhypno13
Written February 20, 2012
So they re-released it in 3D.. I was super stoked to see what they did. When I first saw this flick, it was great! Loved every second so naturaly going to the 3D version was a must! My must turned into a bust. With todays technology, this movie had limitless possibilities, rather than making the movie great agin with neumerous suprises for the 3D viewer, they simply picked and chose what was already there.. This movie has a ton of CGI in the origional, it only would have helped to put in more for a 3D re-release... I have to boil it all down to, with Lucas Film LTD having such a strong reputation for great movies, I expected way too much.. People were falling asleep in the theater!
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Not what I was expecting

By Lewy1951
Written February 19, 2012
Love star wars, this version converted to 3D was enjoyable but did not meet my expectations as a 3D production. Disappointed would be the right word, though it would have been better.
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Star Wars

By jakehbrown
Written February 13, 2012
I am a Star Wars fan. I grew up watching the orginal movies and do not mind the new ones. I particularly like Revenge of the Sith. Having said that I only went to this to take my 4 1/2 year old son who has never seen a Star Wars movie, my wife has always said he is too young. If it was not for him I probably would ot have went to see this. Unless you have kids and you want to let them experience the movie on the big screen, I would skip. My son did say he liked it and got pretty excited over the light saber duels, but he is 4 and claims to like everything.
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