I guess I was expecting more....

By pattypaws
Written November 27, 2015
I was expecting more 3D and didn't really get that. It seemed as though there were maybe one or two great 3D shots. The movie at times was blurry and dark. I guess I was wanting more for the 15 dollars per ticket I spent. It seems like they rushed into making this film 3D.. I want another movie like avatar. Hoping and waiting for one like that.
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Good. But not great

By eksellent
Written August 30, 2015
I appreciate what Episode I provides for the overall storyline of Star Wars. However, this is the lowest ranked of the six for me. Jar-Jar Binks is just ridiculous and almost ruins the whole thing for me. But I was able to take my sons to see the movie in 3D and they loved it - so it's an evening well spent.
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Why was I excited to see this in 3D?

By GTofDenver
Written July 06, 2015
In hindsight I'm not sure why I shelled out $35 for my two sons and I to see a movie we own on DVD. I guess I expected the 3D experience to add a lot to the movie, it didn't. The majority of the movie it wasn't noticeable that we were watching a 3D movie. I would not do it again. I am sure the episode 2 and 3 will be released in 3D in time as well. I will pass on those too.
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Star Wars Episode I 3D

By ndgravedigger
Written August 27, 2014
True to the original except for 3D. The basic 3D was decent except for blurring during movement scenes. We were also disappointed at the lack of objects coming out of the screen at you and at no time did it feel like we were moving. Overall, not worth the $50 for 3 tickets.
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See It From The Beginning, You Must, In 3D!

By Argonaut
Written August 02, 2015
I've been a huge fan of Star Wars from the beginning, but I have to admit the same as most fans feel about Episode I: The Phantom Menace... it didn't have the same heart as IV, V, and VI. However, I just had to experience it again in 3D IMAX ... and I'm glad I did. The film felt a lot faster and more enjoyable this time around, and maybe that's because there's been enough time since it's first release, to more appreciate and have affection for the actors and their characters. Even Jar-Jar didn't jar me as much this time! I also have a lot more clarity for the complete storyline now, having let them sink in for a dozen or more years. As far as the 3D experience, considering the original wasn't made for 3D, and there's no gimmicky in-your-face gotcha's...the process did help give the film a richer depth of field without looking 'layered'. And the pod-race scene alone was worth the extra 3 bucks, for sure! All 6 eps will come out in 3D, now...and I will be there for them all!
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