Phantom Menace

By Volkshof
Written October 28, 2014
It was pretty cool. Being able to take my children to see Star Wars on the big screen made it very much worth this $11.00 per ticket. They want to see the rest now. Which is good for Lucas and OK with me.
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By movies_ilike
Written October 20, 2014
I suspect it was a good movie. I opened my package of 3D glasses in the dark and put them on. I didn't like the way the glasses FIT or made the movie dark. After the movie I found out I had a child's pair of glasses. Stupid me! But the theatre should know better. My companion we found out after the show had adult glasses. BOOOOO! on the theatre, they ruined a good movie. Make sure you have adult 3D glasses.
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Star Wars Episode 1

By weaunk
Written February 11, 2012
The 3D did not POP as i expected it would. My 3DS has more POP than this latest release of Star Wars did. Very disappointing. It sure wasn't worth the price of $15.
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Horrible 3D Total Waste

By anniemccloud
Written February 11, 2012
The 3D was horrible! It did nothing for the movie! It was blurry and looked about the same whether the glasses were off or on. Total waste of money.
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disappointing 3D

By hueyak
Written November 21, 2014
I drove from Santa Cruz to San Jose because I wanted to see it in a good theatre on the big screen in XD 3D, especially the pod race. I read all the reviews - some say it was great others said it was not. So this is what I saw: there is no eye popping 3D - NONE. In fact you can watch most of the movie without the glasses and you'll know when to put them back on. There were only a couple of scenes where there was any depth or 3D dimension - that's it. I was very disappointed when the pod race came on; I thought it would be incredible in 3D, but there was none. Seeing JaJa again started to ruin the movie. The character became very irritating and I couldn't wait for the movie to end so I could do the long ride home.
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