By forever7
Written December 25, 2014
this movie was really bad in 3d. you could tell everything was computer generated. it look way better in blu ray. Even when i convert the 2d to 3d it still looks better. dont waste your money seeing this movie or any like it. cool glasses though
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George Lucas Should have just stayed with a bluray release.

By ronnie_hanline
Written May 22, 2015
The 3d in this movie was not that good. I was really disappointed. I really dont like most 3d movies but this one was not really "3d". It had its moments but very few.
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disappointing 3D

By hueyak
Written September 05, 2015
I drove from Santa Cruz to San Jose because I wanted to see it in a good theatre on the big screen in XD 3D, especially the pod race. I read all the reviews - some say it was great others said it was not. So this is what I saw: there is no eye popping 3D - NONE. In fact you can watch most of the movie without the glasses and you'll know when to put them back on. There were only a couple of scenes where there was any depth or 3D dimension - that's it. I was very disappointed when the pod race came on; I thought it would be incredible in 3D, but there was none. Seeing JaJa again started to ruin the movie. The character became very irritating and I couldn't wait for the movie to end so I could do the long ride home.
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By jamesg007
Written August 29, 2015
The 3D was pretty weak given the potential it had to wow the audience (esp. the pod races). The change of Yoda from puppet to 3D was welcomed but I believe this was already done for the blu-ray releases. Nice to see it again on the big screen though. And if you're a Star Wars fan, might as well go to this one if you plan on getting the next 5 (or the last 3) in the theaters again. Even with so-so 3D.
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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Meance 3D

By clearlakeruby
Written January 28, 2015
Okay, I am a Star Wars fan, but I feel that if George Lucas will be converting them into 3D then he needs to go IMAX 3D, it would have been crisper. The picture quality was not that sharp in Real 3D. There were quite a few blurrly spots. The movie itself was great always.
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