It's been 13 years since it first came out!

By frogjunk65
Written September 27, 2016
My daughter was only a year old when it came out. She was very excited, didn't matter if it was 3d or not. I come from the generation who saw all of the OT films when they we're first released. I say that only because I don't understand all the hate for the prequels. Yes I could give you a long list of all the things Lucas did wrong. But going with my daughter and a new generation of fans made me think. They we're all so excited when the SW music starts blasting, inviting us to take a journey. The show was sold out. I was very happy about that because I think it's important for Lucas to know he has fans who want more SW. When the movie ended everyone was cheering and clapping. I never hated this movie but found some new found respect for it. The ability to introduce a whole new generation on the big screen. So any minor issues aside Mr. Lucas, thank you for giving me a chance to share this with my daughter. On a side note, the 3d conversion was great but not neccesary. Enjoy!
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Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D - Mr. Lucas, thanks for the memories.

By Nightrunner68
Written February 20, 2017
The storyline was unchanged, Yoda was rendered in CGI and, oh yeah, it was in 3D this time. The sounds was fantastic! Better than the first time I saw it. The crowd was really into the whole Star Wars genre. Costumes and lightsaber abound. As for the 3D effects, since the movie was not originally filmed in 3D it can be forgiven for the lack of excitement or the thrill of items or people appearing more real. Overall, it was nice to see it again on the big screen and enjoy the full surround sound a digital experience has to offer. Mr. Lucas, thank you for the memories. Please take the $40 million you are going to make on this movie and start making Episodes 7,8 and 9. Oh, and let someone else direct them. Or co-direct them.
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The Best Conversion Yet... Lucas Blows the Doors off 3D!

By bubien
Written January 20, 2017
Amazing! Absolutely, shockingly amazing! By now, everyone knows Lucas tinkers with his masterpiece, but he's also a technical perfectionist. If anyone can do a 3D conversion right, it's Lucas. And OH EM GEE, did he EVER do it right! This 3D conversion was better than many "native" 3D movies. When I say done right, I don't just mean great space battles and lots of additional background elements brought out. Yes, he did that, and did it well. But the make-it-or-break-it of 3D lies in the subtlety, particularly people in the foreground, most noticeable in the depth of their facial expression. If it looks like puffy cardboard cutouts, it's wrong... like most 3D conversions. In Star Wars, the facial and bodily depth was so natural, that I would have sworn it was native. Many scenes were re-framed, and this was a bit disconcerting, and over- heavy 3D in places could be distracting. But overall it played well, and was a truly exciting and fun experience! Our audience loved it!
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Not The Best, But Still Fun

By BTownBoiler
Written February 26, 2017
This film has its share of haters, but I've always enjoyed watching it. 3D looked impressive, but was not over the top. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series in 3D.
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You wont like what i have to say

By ryansebrasky
Written June 30, 2016
First off go, solely because you don't often get to see a big box office movie twice in a theater like you do here. That said this film being in 3D was not a good idea. Now It was nice to see a greater depth of view when it came to the space scenes but that's about it. 1ST the film is instantly darker due to the glasses. 2ND you lose a lot of the color vibrance as well also due to the dark tint of the glasses. 3RD the actual 3d conversion itself at times looks sloppy and really pointless. Areas of screen were over blurred when areas further back seemed to be clearer. I mean I'm used to viewing this film in 1080p on my DLP. So I was shocked that most of this film was blurry. Sometimes it was crystal clear so I moved to different areas in the theater with the same result. Sadly it would have been better to just view the film the way it was intended to be viewed. They have 2 years to get the next one right.
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