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enthusiastic again

By youjustdontknow
Written May 27, 2013
I had prepped my friends before the movie. I wasn't sure but I encouraged them to see Wrath of Khan. Only one complied, so she alone laughed, cheered, and ooohed with the Trekkers and Trekkies in the audience. The others definitely enjoyed the movie, and we all agreed Benedict is one of the greatest actors of our time, but they were lost with the subtle nuances. This leaves me torn. I love it when people get the inside jokes, but there is something pure about the new Star Trek fans that I don't want to taint. I don't agree that they have to see what we see, but it would be nice to geek out with EVERYONE. There is something for every viewer. Love watching the story unfold. Definitely worth seeing. I've seen it in 3D and regular 35mm. My equilibrium is off so the 35mm is better for my head, but the action is so dynamic! I will see it again in theatres. Two favorite quotes: "Sulu, remind me never to piss you off." and "You should have let me SLEEP!"
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Watch for the Tribble!

By Devon_Vos
Written September 02, 2014
I thought the first movie in the new timeline was a brilliant piece of work and this one is a very worthy follow up. Once again all of the actors pull off their roles brilliantly and do great homage to the original actors. I'm still not quite comfortable with the idea of Spock and Uhura as a couple but that relationship ads some funny tension to the movie. The ending of the movie was well done and I felt brilliantly executed. If Paramount had the budget to do a new TV show with this cast this movie ends in a brilliant setup for it. Overall I think Abrams did a bang up job continuing to recreate a universe that similar but vastly different than the original. One last bit... I am disappointed that they continued the use of the modified tag line, I was hoping with the reboot they would drop that PC nonsense but sadly it's not to be...
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Boldly going where we all wanted it to go

By Rae du Soleil
Written May 21, 2013
No spoilers here, the film is way to much fun for me to do that to you. Great shutouts, touchbacks and references to the original series of movies and show, just like we loved in the 2009 film. Karl Urban still owns as the one who channels his character best in capturing TOS Bones. Action Spock: yes! Remember Kirk and the Orion girl? He doubles his fun this go around. Benedict Cumberbatch TOTALLY brings it with his character, and "John Harrison" just earned him a place in the great Trek villain repertory. He gets multiple great coats in the film too. Action is upped, comedy is more intelligent, angst is worthy of a piece of fan faction. Saw this as a May 15th 8pm sneak peek. Theater was packed out, people even in ST uniforms. There were bursts of laughter, applause and cheering from the audience at various moments as we watched. Clearly I'm going to have to see this one again since it will be a few years until the next...and I want there to be a next!
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The Best Yet.

By 809
Written May 17, 2013
Ok, there are a few plot points that are really just for the enjoyment of watching the Enterprise appear from the depths of the ocean. But other than that, the story was sound. Many references to movies past. I enjoyed this as a fan of movies and a fan of the Star Trek brand. Well worth the money to see in IMAX and I look forward to seeing it again.
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Timelines Unraveled and Interwoven

By tedpronj
Written May 31, 2013
Loved it. Great acting: Cumberbatch, and all. Very fast moving, some would say pace of 2009 better. The last movie "Star Trek" (2009) provided a perspective on how one event can change history and the lives of people. It accelerated technology. It created an unexpected void. "Star Trek Into Darkness" shows the character connections are similar to the Pilot, Original Series and first 6 movies. Kirk's recreational activities. Enough said. Spock's dedication to logic and Pike. Bones' bedside manner and patience. Scotty: the miracle worker. Ready for fun. Sulu: Ready for command. Chekov's youthful enthusiasm. Uhura: the heart of the Enterprise. Lives that were meant to meet. Trust, betrayal, revenge, death, life and love. Easter eggs for nitpickers are great: II: Unsaid, III: atmosphere, IV: collision, VI: Mining. The Prime Directive, what's that?
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