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New and refreshing with nods to the classics

By klandaghi
Written May 16, 2013
If you are expecting the reboots to follow cannon with new actors as if it were some play to be reproduced, you will be sadly disappointed. If you are expecting an exciting, action packed ride that tests your Star Trek knowledge and pay homage to the classics with humor, attitude, and depth of character, you will rejoice. The acting was perfect, each character believable and lines delivered what appears to have been effortlessly. I came close to tears a couple times during the movie, they did a good job of making the moment happen and holding onto it only as long as needed to get the point across. Having seen it in 3D, I feel that this was a great example of what to do. Sure there were a couple depth of field sight gags, but only a very few. Mostly, it was like Thor where the 3D took the image into depth away from you instead of poking you in the eye with "Special Effects" In the end I thoroughly enjoyed this film. We're two movies in and neither one disappointed.
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Fantastic Movie!

By geoffctrek
Written May 16, 2013
If you are a fan of the 2009 reboot and/or a fan of the original cast in the series and movies, this is an absolute must see. Plays homage to the original while developing the new set of actors.
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Boldly going where we all wanted it to go

By Rae du Soleil
Written May 21, 2013
No spoilers here, the film is way to much fun for me to do that to you. Great shutouts, touchbacks and references to the original series of movies and show, just like we loved in the 2009 film. Karl Urban still owns as the one who channels his character best in capturing TOS Bones. Action Spock: yes! Remember Kirk and the Orion girl? He doubles his fun this go around. Benedict Cumberbatch TOTALLY brings it with his character, and "John Harrison" just earned him a place in the great Trek villain repertory. He gets multiple great coats in the film too. Action is upped, comedy is more intelligent, angst is worthy of a piece of fan faction. Saw this as a May 15th 8pm sneak peek. Theater was packed out, people even in ST uniforms. There were bursts of laughter, applause and cheering from the audience at various moments as we watched. Clearly I'm going to have to see this one again since it will be a few years until the next...and I want there to be a next!
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The Best Yet.

By 809
Written May 17, 2013
Ok, there are a few plot points that are really just for the enjoyment of watching the Enterprise appear from the depths of the ocean. But other than that, the story was sound. Many references to movies past. I enjoyed this as a fan of movies and a fan of the Star Trek brand. Well worth the money to see in IMAX and I look forward to seeing it again.
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Entertaining for casual movie goers, must go for Star Trek Fans

By UltraFan
Written May 18, 2013
Combination of a love letter to long time Star Trek fans who will get the homage references, an exciting action movie with big time effects for those new to Star Trek.
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