A Great Action-Packed Ride

By Mac78
Written July 24, 2016
Star Trek Into Darkness is an action-packed sci-fi movie dealing with controversial issues of today. As a Star Trek fan, I was impressed at how many nods there were to older series and movies. The movie rarely has any slow down time. This sequel to the 2009 blockbuster deals more with your emotions than its predecessor. One can actually feel for the antagonist of this movie. Fans and non-fans alike should like this film. Yes, there are plot holes, so you'll just have to deal with those. All together I loved Star Trek Into Darkness.
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Loved It!

By lmzandell
Written March 27, 2015
This was definitely more action packed then the first and the characters/actors have gelled into a team. At first I wasn't a huge fan of the restart, but I'm enjoying how they are taking storylines from the original and seeing where they take them, but in the end they were destined to come together no matter what. The interplay was great and the writers definitely understood and incorporated the humor that was always found in the original series. Benedict plays a wonderful icy blue eyed villan, but is no contest to Chris Pine's baby blues. If you love/like Star Trek, you should just go and enjoy the ride!
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To Boldy Go Where No Sequl has gone before!

By jcd110681
Written October 21, 2016
One of the best movies of the year!! Story was memorizing and full of classic Trek humor. 3D added a nice touch especially the space scenes! I'm off to see it again soon!!
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By tduncan42
Written August 29, 2016
We went to the Fan Sneak, and the camaraderie with fellow Trekies was awesome! One young man said, "This room is great! I've never been with so many people like me!" The anticipation was high, and we were not disappointed! I have finally accepted Zachary Quinto as Spock (although we do get to see Leonard Nimoy a couple of times), and his acting was superb (and the boy can run!). Sulu surfaced as a great character as well, as did Scotty. Bones deadpanned his typical, "I'm a doctor, man, not a (fill in the blank)." The special effects were astounding, and I have a new favorite scene when the Enterprise rises out of the ---- don't want to spoil it for you, so you'd better go see it this weekend!!
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Star Trek: Into Darkness

By grseif7@gmail.com
Written August 28, 2016
If you're a Star Trek fan like I am, you might be reading a lot of message boards from fans that are ripping the film. DON'T BELIEVE THEM! It is a very small, but extremely vocal group. The film is amazing! Go, and have a great time. Highly recommended!
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