By shawnmoynihan
Written October 24, 2016
The trailers through me for a loop ! I did not see the direction that this movie was going and in the end was very impressed ! JJ. Abrams really does know this franchise and it shows in all of the small details. Not as much camera flairs this time and it was nice to really see the Star trek universe ! Mr. Abrams again convinced CBS/Paramount to open those money coffers and really make a good movie with lots of details, truly something the fans have deserved for along time. This movie is in my opinion the movie of the year. Mr. Abrams and so many more that made this movie what it is, truly outdid themselves. I'm sure anyone can strive to find something negative, but I would not dare as this was and is the best Star Trek movie made in so many ways. Go and see it, I saw it in IMAX 3D and would not have seen it in anything less.
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It's good knowing so little

By beautiful.zeo
Written May 16, 2013
I grew up with Star Trek on the TV and falling in love with Doctor McCoy and Chekov but I can't call myself a fan. The new universe is something that I can become a fan of. I wish they would develop Chekov more. Everyone needs a little "Nuclear Wessels" in their lives. The move overall was great. I know nothing of Khan, but being a comic nerd I could relate him to a few Weapon X mutants from X-Men, which in turn made me comfortable. The inter play with characters was fun and enjoyable. Uhara showed some real balls in the movie. Bones was beyond amazing. Karl Urban was the best pick to bring back to character back to life. I'd go. My advice is to just have fun with it and remember it's a different universe. Nothing is 100% original and that we are inspired by everything that touches our lives.
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New and refreshing with nods to the classics

By klandaghi
Written July 01, 2016
If you are expecting the reboots to follow cannon with new actors as if it were some play to be reproduced, you will be sadly disappointed. If you are expecting an exciting, action packed ride that tests your Star Trek knowledge and pay homage to the classics with humor, attitude, and depth of character, you will rejoice. The acting was perfect, each character believable and lines delivered what appears to have been effortlessly. I came close to tears a couple times during the movie, they did a good job of making the moment happen and holding onto it only as long as needed to get the point across. Having seen it in 3D, I feel that this was a great example of what to do. Sure there were a couple depth of field sight gags, but only a very few. Mostly, it was like Thor where the 3D took the image into depth away from you instead of poking you in the eye with "Special Effects" In the end I thoroughly enjoyed this film. We're two movies in and neither one disappointed.
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Fantastic Movie!

By geoffctrek
Written August 28, 2016
If you are a fan of the 2009 reboot and/or a fan of the original cast in the series and movies, this is an absolute must see. Plays homage to the original while developing the new set of actors.
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Better than the first

By Fetha
Written May 17, 2013
As we didn't need to be introduced to the characters, Spock and Kirk were able to come into their own and we got to experience more of the story. Plus Benedict Cumberbatch played an AWESOME villian!
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