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It's good knowing so little

By beautiful.zeo
Written May 16, 2013
I grew up with Star Trek on the TV and falling in love with Doctor McCoy and Chekov but I can't call myself a fan. The new universe is something that I can become a fan of. I wish they would develop Chekov more. Everyone needs a little "Nuclear Wessels" in their lives. The move overall was great. I know nothing of Khan, but being a comic nerd I could relate him to a few Weapon X mutants from X-Men, which in turn made me comfortable. The inter play with characters was fun and enjoyable. Uhara showed some real balls in the movie. Bones was beyond amazing. Karl Urban was the best pick to bring back to character back to life. I'd go. My advice is to just have fun with it and remember it's a different universe. Nothing is 100% original and that we are inspired by everything that touches our lives.
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By All_the_world's_a_stage
Written May 22, 2015
Went to the midnight showing. This is a fantastic movie, from beginning to end. Do yourself a favor and see it in 3D, you will not regret it. Also, if you go to ArcLight, La Jolla, Theater 7 is the largest theater (which I found out in reading reviews). :D
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Watch for the Tribble!

By Devon_Vos
Written July 07, 2015
I thought the first movie in the new timeline was a brilliant piece of work and this one is a very worthy follow up. Once again all of the actors pull off their roles brilliantly and do great homage to the original actors. I'm still not quite comfortable with the idea of Spock and Uhura as a couple but that relationship ads some funny tension to the movie. The ending of the movie was well done and I felt brilliantly executed. If Paramount had the budget to do a new TV show with this cast this movie ends in a brilliant setup for it. Overall I think Abrams did a bang up job continuing to recreate a universe that similar but vastly different than the original. One last bit... I am disappointed that they continued the use of the modified tag line, I was hoping with the reboot they would drop that PC nonsense but sadly it's not to be...
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A Great Action-Packed Ride

By Mac78
Written March 02, 2015
Star Trek Into Darkness is an action-packed sci-fi movie dealing with controversial issues of today. As a Star Trek fan, I was impressed at how many nods there were to older series and movies. The movie rarely has any slow down time. This sequel to the 2009 blockbuster deals more with your emotions than its predecessor. One can actually feel for the antagonist of this movie. Fans and non-fans alike should like this film. Yes, there are plot holes, so you'll just have to deal with those. All together I loved Star Trek Into Darkness.
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No words can describe

By fandom_fangirl
Written May 16, 2013
This movie was absolutely brilliant. I saw it in IMAX 3D and it was absolutely worth it. Firstly Benedict Cumberbatch played the villain gorgeously. He is everything you want in one. He's a bit mad, but he is fighting for everything he loves (even if it involves destroying a planet he will do it), and nothing is going to stop this man from it. The range of emotion this actor portrays is nothing short of amazing. He can be cold and a bit heartless one moment, then full of violence and passion and rage, and in the next you feel the pain he has felt and IS feeling, and you actually begin cheering for the villain. I see this man becoming (although I believe he already is) one of the most brilliant and loved actors of our time. Secondly, The movie itself was amazing. I could see this movie 50 different times and still cry and scream and even laugh a little each time. It was just absolutely brilliant. Action-packed and in my opinion better than the first. It needs to be seen by all.
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