By alstalent
Written March 22, 2017
Whether or not you are a true Star Trek fan or not, you will not be disappointed. Action at every turn, does not slow down. Even the seasoned fans will thoroughly enjoy how they pay homage to the old Star Trek movies.
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'Star Trek' on steroids with a heap of homages to past films - almost too many

By cdydatzigs
Written August 24, 2016
'Into Darkness' is a worthy successor to the 2009 film in that it properly advances the characters approximately 6 months after Kirk was given command by Pike. Right off the bat the film goes at a blistering pace, leaving little time to catch your breath until the end credits. The visuals are stunning, the "epic-ness" is there and the production design is top notch. My only criticism is how many nods there were to past films -- from plot points to exact lines of dialogue which may induce groans or joy with die-hard fans though the bulk of the people in the audience won't know any different probably. There are plot twists galore and you can tell that many of the things that bothered fans and moviegoers about the last film have either been corrected or toned down which means the producers actually listen. Despite the heavy subject matter, the profanity and gore are sparse so most kids should be fine seeing this film. I definitely recommend seeing it, just be ready for one heck of a ride!
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Best Trek Ever

By Gabrielva
Written August 27, 2016
I dare say it, better than ST:II and as a Trekkie I LOVE ST:II. Think of it this way, its not a remake but it pays homage to the classic holy grail of films, toss in 2 hours of non stop fast paced action, a dash of old school trek and bam, you have something that you can "make your own". For those that have never seen trek it works for them as well. Its a fast paced high action movie that will rock your world. Seeing it in IMAX 3D was well worth the trip and I will see it again soon in 2D.
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We were SCREWED by Fandango and AMC!!!!

By vipraygarcia
Written June 03, 2013
We went to see the 11:00PM advance preview of Star Trek-Into the Darkness at Lincoln Center IMAX 3D showing-it was the second advance preview showing. ALL advance ticket holders were promised by Fandango and AMC special 1st time ever issued posters for the movie. As all 4 of us stood in line waiting to get into the 11:00PM show (which started late-btw) we watched the 8PM showing file out with posters in hand. As we entered I asked "Where's our poster?" they said "Oh we are handing them out at the end of the movie". Seemed logical. Well..at the end of the movie which was great btw we were told that they had run outta posters and they don't have any. I told them that's BS and that someone has swiped them and they will be on Ebay tomorrow and that they have two more advance screenings tomorrow where they promised posters so how could they possibly run out on first day?!? SHAME on Fandango and AMC what a scam and I'm so disappointed. Employees btw didn't give a S just wanted to go home
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Great Movie

By robertthomsonjr
Written October 24, 2016
It was one of the best Star Trek Movies I have seen. Not the best but in the top 5. Had a few interesting twists and the character development was very well done getting you ready for the next movie.
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