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For a Trekkie a must go!

By Mdestio
Written May 18, 2013
Great action. Fair story with many sequences ripped from other Trek movies but overall nicely done. Sequences as city is destroyed were tough for a New Yorker to see.
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Doesn't Live Up to Any Previous Trek Film

By AtomicAJ
Written May 19, 2013
I may be the only one who was unimpressed by "Into Darkness." There were several rather large plot holes. The drama between Uhura and Spock was simply annoying (although it had a couple of comical moments, which would have been fine to leave in). There were far to many references to the previous films and most of them simply fell flat, adding no value to the story. The special effects were good, however they seemed to engineer in some extremely unrealistic situations for dramatic effect (I know it's a science-fiction film, but I've worked in ship-based engineering rooms and they went off the deep end in this film). Into Darkness does have some good points. There is just enough comic relief (although the comic styling of "Bones" in this film is even more annoying than the previous film, and I didn't think that was possible. The special effects shots are extremely well done to the point you feel drawn into the movie. There is a good balance of character development and story.
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Seen it before and yet I have not

By Heavy_Metal_Cowboy
Written July 30, 2014
twists and turns and familiar phrases more action then should be allowed for a good story line... and yet the story is not forgotten or buried, it's in your face and fun a great retelling of an old story in a new and twisted way that makes your grab your seat like your at an amusement park on the biggest coaster they have so yeah a great summer flick... I hope the rest of my summer is this good
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Awesome movie, go see it!

By AyanEva
Written May 19, 2013
Fast-paced with a lot of action but it manages to do this without sacrificing character interaction. It's a very character- driven film, dealing with relationships and sense of self. It feels more intimate and has a pleasing amount of depth as the moral and ethical dilemmas in which the characters find themselves parallel the present day but not in a heavy-handed way. You can relate to these people and the decisions they are faced with. Much better film than the 2009 movie, which I loved, and possibly my favorite out of all 12 Star Trek films. The cast was excellent with notable and impressive performances by Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Weller, and Chris Pine, in particular. Also Bruce Greenwood was fantastic. The homage in the third act is perhaps a little heavy- handed but it comes across much better after the second viewing. Best format is IMAX 3D.
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Star Trek: INto Darkness

By tmm1520
Written May 20, 2013
We loved it! The references to the original series were a lot of fun. The human feelings of the people were enjoyable. It wasn't just all space fighting. We felt the 3-D was effective in this movie.
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