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Star Trek: Into Disappointment

By Lee_Strong
Written May 20, 2013
As a longtime Star Trek fan, I was very disappointed in this effort. The plot was a mashup of previous episodes and movies (Space Seed and The Wrath of Khan) with some twists to give the impression of originality. I easily spotted most of the revelations and twists well before they occurred. In addition, the story was shot through with logical errors. Example, if you want to bomb a volcano, why not use a drone instead of risking your First Officer's life? There was a lot of flash and bang to cover up the plot holes but that got old very quickly. Nor were the characters especially interesting. Kirk openly defies Starfleet regulations and lies about it. Uhura and Spock jeopardize a vital mission by having a lover's quarrel on duty. And Admiral Marcus is merely a strawman for the scriptwriter's prejudices rather than a realistic person with a serious point of view. On the other hand, I liked the fact that San Francisco still has cable cars and nightclubs 300 years in the future.
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Incredible Movie

By Doomsday65
Written May 20, 2013
This movie was incredible from beginning to end. The tiny references to the old series and just the story and action were incredible. Benedict Cumberbatch was just perfect in his role and dare I say it better than the original actor that portrayed this role. He makes me want to see Sherlock now. Critics were saying that not everyone had enough screeen time but that is not true. Incredible movie and I recomend it to long time trek fans as well as new comers.
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Dozens of Subtle ties to previous Trek movies

By RainyDayJames
Written July 24, 2014
I was amazed how many familiar characters, dialogue and storyline parallels revealed themselves as the movie progressed. Spectacular effects including complex textures in fast-moving scenes. I didn't see the 3D IMAX version yet, but feel it would be awesome! As a 40-year fan of Classic Trek, this movie remains loyal to character development and depth, as well as defining inter-relationships among them that I find intriguing and exciting! The language is Disney-clean, the violence principally off-camera, yet action adventurers will find a continuous barrage of scene-after-scene adventure!
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Great Fun!

By Sarah_7871
Written September 17, 2014
You can pick it apart or just go along for a really fun ride. It kept my interest from start to finish. Loved it! You can enjoy it even if you know nothing about the original series ( even better if you do). It can stand on it's own as a good action flick. I've already seen it twice.
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Star Trek "Into Darkness"

By madbaldscotsman
Written May 19, 2013
Great movie! If you're a fan of the franchise, you'll love it; if you're not, you will be. I actually had to suppress myself from crying at times!
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