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By amharl2r
Written May 17, 2013
This movie was great, but if you are good at catching the plot holes in movies, this one is riddled with them. My advise is just sit back and enjoy!
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It was a pleasure to watch.

By savingtheworldinmyownway
Written May 27, 2013
My eyes marveled at the beauty of the stars on the screen, the graphics were amazing. This is one movie I guarantee I am going to buy on blue-ray.
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Written May 22, 2013
Once again MR JJ ABRAMS had nailed it !!!!!! I am a followerer of Star Trek....but I would not consider myself a true trekkie ( as to not disrespect the convention goers) . This movie was the bomb...can't wait for JJ installment number 3 !!!! ~~Bcharmer~~
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StarTrek lives

By trannis
Written July 29, 2014
J.J. Abrams once again uses his golden touch. Great film, my wife and 9 year old daughter loved it. Language is at times racy for kids, but it is rated for it. Nice to see Earth as the major backdrop for a Trek film. Acting and directing all top notch.
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Where no Star Trek has gone before

By cinemaniac1210
Written May 17, 2013
JJ Abrams continues to rewrite the Star Trek universe to fairly good effect. Although it has a few good SFX set pieces, this is a plot and character-driven story writ large across the galaxy: Kirk struggles to integrate fallibility, hubris and greatness into a man fit to lead others where they've never gone before. Benedict Cumberbatch makes a deliciously complex bad guy and all the usual crew members get their assorted moments to shine. A few ridiculously goofy nods to the mythology are thrown in (a Tribble?!?!?! really?!?!?!), but this is very much Abrams' unique and refreshing perspective on this classic cosmology. Worth seeing, and worth seeing on the BIG screen.
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