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By epancoast
Written May 16, 2013
if you are a ST fan- you will be impressed. If you are a fan of action- you will be blown away. If you liked Iron Man 3- THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BETTER THAN IR3 on several levels. I liked IR3, this was just better all round- incredible plot, action and character depiction/development. Cant wait to see it again and when the next one comes out! Go JJ Abrams and everyone that put this together. Five stars- a must go, have fun!
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Star Trek: Into Darkness

By GPSpector
Written May 21, 2013
Though this movie was good, as a movie, again, I was very disappointed in J.J. Abrams. He stated he wanted to make this film for movie-goers and not for Star Trek fans, well, he succeeded. As a Star Trek fan I was not pleased with his re-hashing old Star Trek scripts with his twists. If you are a fan of action movies with a lot of special effects, this is a very good movie to see. If you like the philosophical views found in all prior Star Trek shows and movies, you will do good to miss this movie.
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this is a smoker

By theblackcloud
Written May 21, 2013
After 35 years of being a solid Star Trek fan, I will simply say that this franchise, largely thanks to JJ Abrams, is far from over, and there will be several more movies to come. The new Abrams take is action from beginning to end which is clearly what the original movies lacked, as much as I own and enjoy all of them. My daughter absolutely hates Star Trek, but she loved this movie. Right there is the secret to Abrams' approach, and don't kid yourself-he knows it. You don't even have to like Star Trek to enjoy his action packed reboots. Pretty good trick. All I can say is good for him. This is definitely a must see. There are even some lines and some creatures that Star Trek fans will recognize, which is a good thing because it keeps the original fans like myself engaged. I happen to feel that is just a touch better and more engaging than the 2009 movie.
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Lots of action. Fun uses of reference.

By MKalvin
Written May 22, 2013
All in all, pretty good. Darned good. Definitely a thrill-ride with a lot of eye- and mind-candy up to and including... things i won't mention here because they would be major-league spoilers. It is extremely colorful on many levels and their production detail is everything you could hope for (check out the fletching on the spears in the opening sequence). My main quibble about the thing involves a couple of points of plot-logic and physics (Free-fall is free-fall, ******!) but, I can say that the movie I saw entertained me in a big way. I think you'll like it, too.
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Star Trek ROCKS

By hally8
Written May 20, 2013
Just the right amount of throwback comments ('I'm a doctor, Jim, not and engineer!') and wonderful chemistry between Kirk & Spock. I hope they keep making these movies -- one for every episode of the original series!
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