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Dozens of Subtle ties to previous Trek movies

By RainyDayJames
Written October 02, 2014
I was amazed how many familiar characters, dialogue and storyline parallels revealed themselves as the movie progressed. Spectacular effects including complex textures in fast-moving scenes. I didn't see the 3D IMAX version yet, but feel it would be awesome! As a 40-year fan of Classic Trek, this movie remains loyal to character development and depth, as well as defining inter-relationships among them that I find intriguing and exciting! The language is Disney-clean, the violence principally off-camera, yet action adventurers will find a continuous barrage of scene-after-scene adventure!
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Just another Action movie

By richludba
Written May 17, 2013
I'm OK with Into Darkness I guess, but it shouldn't be consider a Star Trek movie. Its kind of cheesy like other psudo SiFi movies. To me,they tried to make the character of Captain Kirk look like a Maverick, but he reminded me of some immature frat boy. He's kind of a d!ck. And then they really overdid it with the nuances that each character of the past had. Too many cute no brainer one liners. I really liked the character that Khan had. He seemed pretty bad ass, I wish the Captain was more like him. Anyway, I wasn't impressed with this movie as a Star Trek Collection. It was OK as a B science SiFi movie as far as I was concerned. A real Star Trek Movie would have had more interesting aliens aboard. The crew would have been more awe inspiring. I'm an old trekie from way back and so of course I'm going to watch any ST movies. Don't expect Star Trek caliber here nor any real creativity. Roddenberry would be pissed if he watch this.
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Serious parody or a parody of seriousness?

By cloutier65
Written May 18, 2013
While an interesting action/pseudo sci-fi drama, JJ Abrams once again demonstrates his broad shallowness in the new Star Trek film. It is basically two hours of action, snarky comments, and blatant scene-for-scene rip offs of previous Star Trek films. There is nothing new in this film. But, more insultingly is that there is plenty of recycled material with so-called 'clever twists' that are meant to pay respects to the original Star Trek, but instead expose this movie's lack of originality. The movie tried to be emotionally manipulative at the climax, but failed when Spock uttered what was Kirk's signature bellow. So, half the crowd went from forced tears to forced laughter. The whole movie is a badly executed mash-up, so I was surprised they strayed so far as to cast Cumberbatch as the signature villian. He's a good actor, but he was simply the wrong guy for the job in a movie that was built on copying the past. Fortunately for Star Wars fans, JJ Abrams will be a perfect fit.
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Great Fun!

By Sarah_7871
Written December 20, 2014
You can pick it apart or just go along for a really fun ride. It kept my interest from start to finish. Loved it! You can enjoy it even if you know nothing about the original series ( even better if you do). It can stand on it's own as a good action flick. I've already seen it twice.
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Fun summer popcorn movie

By NYPerson1
Written May 16, 2013
If you are devoted to Star Trek, and want everything to fit precisely into the Star Trek universe, and previously established story, I gather some aspects of the plot will bother you. But, if you're like me, and just want to be entertained, and liked the first movie in this series, you'll have a great time. Lots of action, and energy, and character development.
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