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Best Film of 2013

By insanaq
Written May 16, 2013
If you loved Star Trek (the first of the two), then you'lll LOOOOOVE Star Trek: Into Darkness! Like the first, it's funnier, action-packed, LOGICAL, and pulls you in from the start. This is one to own.
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Great Movie

By manickarts
Written May 19, 2013
I enjoyed it. good story, great special effects, everything was done well. Star Trek fans might not like it (just like the last one) because this updated version is not in line with the classic series. good movie non the less.
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An awesome, awesome movie!!!

By ryncovine
Written May 20, 2013
Even though the first weekend box office was down due to the usual Memorial Day first weekend of summer unofficially, people who do not go and experience this movie will kick themselves for it. It had action from start to finish! And the space combat scenes would blow you right out of your seat! Granted, there will still have to be more of the philosophical and morality side written into ST III that the intellectual fan base knows and loves but the only way I can see them topping this movie is to have a Federation / Klingon interstellar war (hint dropping). Anyway, I would (and probably shall) go see it several more times as this has been my favorite film of 2013 so far. Do the IMAX, take your friends who are not die-hard sci-fi fans and let them judge the action themselves (they will convert). I would say that the only film that may be an adversary to ST: ID might be Fast and Furious 6 from an action standpoint. Anyway, awesome film, see the film, take the kids to see it.
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A worthy successor

By sabata2
Written May 18, 2013
Definitely a good sequel to the 2009 reboot. A fair amount of fanservice at the end. I was at the edge of my seat through most of the movie. But whatever you do, do NOT see it in 3D. It is in no way worth it.
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Great! Considerably better than Iron Man 3

By wbestdeal
Written May 20, 2013
Now this is a movie, a movie to see on IMAX, a movie to see in 3D, a movie for Trek fans and non Trek fans toy enjoy. Did not see the previous one, doesn't really matter. It stands on its own, has multiple plot threads, love store, camaraderie, action. This is a do not miss movie, hope the next one does not take 3 more years!
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