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Great visuals FX and Score!

By gsharp01
Written February 27, 2017
I enjoyed it, I did...But I am torn to say I enjoyed as much as the others. There are so many storylines and so much action to cover in these epic movies that simple development of the story-line and character interaction propelling the story-line in a natural way, rather than from "epic moment" to "epic moment". two-cents.
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ST-ID: Very Star Trek!

By jefflhaslett
Written January 16, 2017
Excellent movie. I enjoyed the 3-D, but the quality wavered a bit at times. Engaging plot, good to see more reintroduced characters, and of course, the main cast nailed their portrayals, with special kudos to Karl Urban. I'm not sure how Peter Weller's character sired a daughter with a British accent, but that's splitting hairs. I would like to hear the story behind the recurring scenes of blowing leaves, if there is one besides exploiting the 3-D effect. There was plenty of story and depth of characters, which gave the audience ample movie experience above and beyond just watching a big screen video game. This is a movie for Star Trek fans. If you're not, take one with you. I can't say more without spoiling something, so I'll just say, "Go see this movie!"
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Alternate Star Trek -- Action Packed

By norm_car
Written January 17, 2017
The new Alternate Star Trek is action packed from beginning to end. Wish there was more character development for Sulu and Checkov. And the physical strength of one character is way over the top. However, as a major fan of the original timeline Star Trek, this is a very good movie. I am also not a fan of the new look of a Star Trek species--they now look way to weird. IMAX 3D Star Trek is FANTASTIC
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Star Trek Into Darkness

By Poppydeforest
Written February 28, 2017
Fantastic ! Have been watching the series on TV & movies since inception (I'm 70 yrs old). This is the best I've seen. High production values, amazing special effects, good acting & a great plot line. Excellent continuity bringing in old issues/characters/dialog. Not sure about Spock's emotion showing eg the kiss. IMAX 3D is the only way to go but you must go!
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JJ never disappoints

By Keldwin
Written July 26, 2016
JJ never disappoints. This movie is most of this year if you are a movie goer. from start to finish is a roller coaster, plus the new ship is bad ***for combat situations. I saw it in the IMAX and if you have the change to see.
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