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Into Awesomeness !!

By yman3
Written May 18, 2013
IMAX 3D version of this movie was a testament as to why IMAX was made. It took less than two minutes into the show for my son to tell me he was getting motion sick, but the story and adventure took his mind off that, and fast. All the 3D effects used were to pull you into the movie and be there. Not the childish startling tactics most 3D movies employ to brag about "look, we can make things look like they are 3D". Story line was typical Star Trek quality. Action was off the scale. Plot was not complicated. Being a life long fan, I would almost say the plot was surprising, but not predictable. This movie was the polar opposite of ST 1: The Motion Picture, not a chance of anyone falling asleep! Lots of action, shooting, fighting, things blowing up, general mayhem, and the theater broke into applause more than once. I will be seeing this one again; on IMAX, silver screen, or at home: I don't care. It was a great movie.
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Into the Darkness review

By Toms_River
Written May 19, 2013
As a long time trekie I really enjoyed this movie. I went with my wife, a non trekie and she enjoyed it as well. We went to the 3D Imax screening. It really was an amazing adventure ride that kept my wife and me totally mesmerized by the story line, acting and special effects. Conclusion: We want more!
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Became a Trekker in the 70s

By ddspell
Written October 31, 2014
Regardless of die hard fans, I loved this movie. Great story telling. Great action. Fun to see in IMAX 3D. I'm planning to see it again in 2D. Some of the violence is intense. Kids should probably not see this movie. The villain crushes a head. They don't show it, but it is intense. Lots of people get killed in this movie. It is quite a departure from the old Star Trek movies. Body count is definitely higher than the old flicks.
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Star Trek

Written May 04, 2015
Can't believe I have been watching Star Trek since the 60's! A tribute to the creator of this franchise, What a ride! Must see in 3-D IMAX! Keep them coming.
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A New Twist to an Old Foe

By Sharon_D
Written June 30, 2015
Very action filled, entertaining in the way so many moments brought in memories from Star Trek TOS. Characters of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, and Chekov were well-played...would have like to have seen McCoy (Bones) have more roll, as I know the actor is a very good actor, but they only focused on the one-lines with him. Being an old Trekkie, I loved the Cameo. Nice references to some TOS original characters. I also like that it was kept PG--no gore, no nudity, no real swearing (maybe once). The theatre (and I) laughed many times, got sad a little, and really got into some of the action--men, women, people of most ages (no young children there, but teens seemed to enjoy it). Worth the price, and I don't say that much. Will probably get this one on BluRay when it is released.
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