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STID Is A Personal Experience ... Look At Review Ratings But Don't Read Body

By Logan DeWitt
Written February 02, 2015
Unless you are reading mine ... This movie needs you to not be tainted by amateur reviews (like mine) and ranting, ravings, pontifications of a bunch of know it alls ... it is a fun filled movie! It's exciting, it is visually stimulating (if you can -- IMAX is a must), and the story line is one that "YES" for the newbie non-hardcore Trekker as well as the people like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. The character relationships ... they NAILED it. DeForest Kelley is giving Urban a big thumbs up from the great beyond. Shatner and Nimoy should leave the theater with a big, proud smile too. They all should. Stop reading reviews before they give away all of the amazing pearls and priceless nuggets of this movie. Make it your experience. There is nothing more I can say otherwise I'll have to type something like *** SPOILER ALERT *** GO ! Have a good time.
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Outstanding Adventure

By scadley
Written February 27, 2015
Being a long term Trekie I love the re-boot of the franchise and how all things old are new. The re-introduction of Khan is great and this installment of Star Trek did NOT disappoint. Left the theater Stunned and Awed by the scale and speed of the Story. A Glorious story in it's own right and the tie in to the original story line left me emotionally satisfied.
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To boldly go...

By Dave879
Written November 26, 2014
Into Darkness was actually better than I had hoped. It was a rush, especially in IMAX 3D. A definite must see if you are a Star trek fan...
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Much better than I expected from the reviews

By ehrmannsteve
Written February 01, 2015
I loved the first of the new Star Trek movies - I've seen it, wholly or partly, about five times. The reviews of "Into Darkness" were rather luke warm, so that's what I was expecting: a lot of bang bang. But this story was tightly organized and the emotions raised by the lead characters of Kirk and Spock were real for me. The 3D didn't seem quite right at first, but that sense faded and I was soon into the picture. Weaknesses for me: the editing was a little fast paced - flickflickflick - and there wasn't much development of characters other than Kirk and Spock.
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By tljperry
Written November 28, 2014
I've always liked the Star Trek movies, but this in IMAX 3D, OMG!!! From the start to end it was great action, I'm already wanting to go see it again!!!!
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