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Loved the Characters and the Spirit of Star Treck

By kmowll
Written December 20, 2014
I got into this one and enjoyed the characters a lot. It was spooky how much Zachary Quinto looked like Spock. While Chris Pine seemed to evoke the original spirit of Jim Kirk, as well. Their chemistry was effective. The pace and plot unfolded nicely, always engaging and fun. Do not miss it!
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By kerrydeanweather
Written February 01, 2015
I have been a trekker since the 1960s and have enjoyed all crews. Enjoyed them all, I used to work with Paramount on promotions started back when Spoke died. I even taught a class on the Physics and Social Interactions of Star Trek and Star Wars. Now we have chapter 11 and JJ Abrams has continued Gene Roddenberry's style. To rave about the movie would be an understatement. To nitpick items in the movie I did not care for just downright stupid. To miss or badmouth "Star Trek: Into Darkness" simply means you never understood what the Star Trek Universe was all about. It is a masterpiece and I am very happy to hear JJ say he will either direct or produce chapter 12. It is ashamed we have to wait 2 1/2 years to be thrilled to death yet again. The logical thing to say it "WOW." Must see in IMAX 3D because this is exactly why IMAX was created in the first place. FYI: NASA today announced it has concept work into Warp Drive.
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Star Trek: Into Darkness

By jgb0928
Written February 28, 2015
IMAX 3D is the ONLY way to see this movie. JJ Abrams delivers a spectacular cinematic experience in this latest installment of the rebooted Star Trek. The shots are so awesomely beautiful, you'll have multiple eyegasms. For Star Trek geeks like me, this is sci-fi porn, with one great 'money shot' after another! As for the story: the writers have had a field day with this alternate universe they created in the last film. We are introduced to an old villain in a new way, which causes the story to evolve differently. We even get to see Spock go commando! The film is just non-stop action all the way through, while retaining all of the heart, loyalty, and friendship that made the franchise successful through the years. My only criticism is the unnecessary scene on the bridge of the Enterprise. But if I tell you what it is, I'll spoil it for you! Bottom line, "Go see this film!"
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OMG - So good -- gotta see it!!

By Luvmandms
Written April 28, 2015
Star Trek in IMAX 3D is THE BEST! You feel the action, the ship moving through warp speed, the emotions of the characters. It was so great - I'm glad we saw it in this format. GO!!
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By zeemovies1
Written May 20, 2013
I am in no way shape or form a Trekkie but simply as a movie goer I cannot recommend this movie enough. J..J Abrams really is a master with seemlessly integrating the action with the story and playing on the aspects of the characters that we know and love. This movie makes me curious, makes me want to know more about the universe that could spawn such a great remake. Just... go see it.
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