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Good but not great.

By djobione
Written May 18, 2013
This is a movie I would definitely recommend from a non-trekker. Good action, good acting and excellent cinematography. J.J Abrams knows how to rock sci-fi. If you're a trekker, boy are you going to get p-ssed! Due to its alternate co-existing history, it takes some liberties with current trek-lore and make fans go, "whaaaaat!?! Even after that, though, it's stands on its own as an entertaining movie.
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By abarbie
Written March 06, 2015
Ive never felt so many emotions while watching ANY movie and this movie gave me ALL of them!!!! I would go see this movie 20x more before it leaves the theater and purchase the DVD to have for my collection! The suspense kept me on my toes the whole time and having it IMAX 3D experience was breath taking!!!!! ITS A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!! Even if your not into these kind of movies you'll end up loving it! Its ridiculously good! Enjoy !
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By dcal910
Written August 01, 2015
Excellent use of 3D! It added to the scenes. We watched in IMAX 3D and the theater had the sound up a bit too high for the number of people in the theater. Great action scenes with beautiful visuals. The only negative that I saw was that they were messing with a future plot line and future movies will have to deal with plot conflicts which usually lead to unbelievable and awful tricks to smooth things out.
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I really recomment this movie!

By reeks20
Written September 04, 2015
I'm not a really great fan of Star Trek series BUT this is one of the few movies that really must watch it!, seriously the CGI's looks great to, "no lens flares saturated".
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Star Trek Into Darkness - A Bold Adventure

By ranger05msn
Written October 10, 2015
Picking up with the characters established in the (2009) Star Trek relaunch, the Star Trek Into Darkness sequel offers more of the same. Hot tempered Kirk, By the Rules Spock and all the rest. I would give the move a 4 out of 5 stars. The story is not too complex, yet offers both some unexpected twists and some actual character growth and development. There are some spectacular special effects scenes and a lot of action, most of the time. There a few slow spots to expand the plot but not too distracting. My only two negatives this time around are 1.) The excessive lens flare (light reflected towards the viewer) gets very distracting during the many phaser/gun fire-fights and when it appears at random during other scenes. It looses it's dramatic effect by being overused. 2.) Some of the fight and action scenes are so fast that they can be a little hard on the viewer. Still A Worthy summer adventure for all - SEE IT IN 3D!
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