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By MovieLion143
Written August 26, 2016
I am a huge Trekkie fan. Benedict Cumberbatch is no Kahn, but this is a different twist. Still worth seeing on the big screen. I have to go again and give it a second chance!
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Into Awesomeness !!

By yman3
Written May 18, 2013
IMAX 3D version of this movie was a testament as to why IMAX was made. It took less than two minutes into the show for my son to tell me he was getting motion sick, but the story and adventure took his mind off that, and fast. All the 3D effects used were to pull you into the movie and be there. Not the childish startling tactics most 3D movies employ to brag about "look, we can make things look like they are 3D". Story line was typical Star Trek quality. Action was off the scale. Plot was not complicated. Being a life long fan, I would almost say the plot was surprising, but not predictable. This movie was the polar opposite of ST 1: The Motion Picture, not a chance of anyone falling asleep! Lots of action, shooting, fighting, things blowing up, general mayhem, and the theater broke into applause more than once. I will be seeing this one again; on IMAX, silver screen, or at home: I don't care. It was a great movie.
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By harristotle
Written February 11, 2016
I went in honestly expecting to not like this movie. I enjoyed the first reboot ST, but I had an idea of the theme they were going with for this movie and wasn't impressed. Seeing the film completely wiped that away! I loved this movie! The wrapped noticeable elements of the original films into this one in a very tasteful and thoughtful manner. Combine that with the excellent casting, amazing special affects, and depth of 3D and you've got an epic thriller. I'm dying to see this film again and I just saw it last night!
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Star Trek fans will love it

By danzgdeb
Written May 06, 2016
Was not sure if the additional cost to see it in IMAX 3D would be worth it but I think it did really add to the experience.
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Best Film of 2013

By insanaq
Written May 27, 2016
If you loved Star Trek (the first of the two), then you'lll LOOOOOVE Star Trek: Into Darkness! Like the first, it's funnier, action-packed, LOGICAL, and pulls you in from the start. This is one to own.
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