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WOW !!!!

By nmelissaris
Written December 26, 2014
I must say, WOW, once again... I am a Star Trek fan as I grew up with it, BUT... This was a great movie... I loved the way that they kept throwing out hints from old and new, but twisted the opposites of the characters.... Will add this to the collection... FOR SURE !!!
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Big fun

By jimbradley
Written November 28, 2014
This was a really fun installment of the Star Trek franchise and both stands on its own to the new viewer (my wife) and for the longtime fan (myself). You can pick a Star Trek movie to pieces on all sorts of stuff or you can just enjoy it for what it is - still Wagon Train in space. This movie is particularly fun for the longtime fan because it contains so many homages and references to the original series and movies. You'll enjoy it if you ever enjoyed anything Trek.
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New Star Trek...

By perryscafe
Written May 17, 2013
Something for everyone...Trek fans and newbies. Lot of surprises...see it in a good theater as it sounds and looks terrific. I would forego the 3D, not worth 3D for a Pixar film or something brighter.
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A must-see for ST fans. Just another action sci-fi flick for non-ST fans

By dr3wv4n3
Written January 31, 2015
Star Trek fans and non-fans alike will enjoy this sci-fi action adventure. If you're a fan for the recent ST film (2009) you'll enjoy the continued development of characters in this movie as the relationships grow. If you're a Trekkie from way back, you'll enjoy the subtlies of not only the characters but bits and pieces from the original series (TOS) such as the Jeffries tube and other aspects I don't want to mention for fear of spoiling your experience. If you're a non-Trekie, you'll enjoy the deep story and unexpected events and developments. Great special effects. My movie-buff son enjoyed how real it looked. Great cinematography, great music score, and a must for all Trekkies. Trekkie's MUST GO. Non-Trekkies GO as its probably going to be enjoyable but just another of this summer's sci-fi action flicks current out there. BTW, great acting all around! My 3 boys loved it and now want to go back and see the other movies and TV series.
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Great sequel!

By jrschmeelk
Written February 28, 2015
In keeping with the theme if the last movie, this incorporated characters and themes from the original timeline and presents a new twist on everything. It's original and unpredictable. Can't wait for the next one.
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