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Old is new; new is old

By calcster
Written May 18, 2013
The first "new" Star Trek movie was fine with occasional nods to the original series. Star Trek Into Darkness is much more. I watched the original series during its original time on air. Now, I am fully invested in this new Star Trek universe. The characters are the same and yet different. The situations in the film have you thinking "ok, such-and-such is gonna happen now" and then you smile when the plot twist goes in a similar but different direction. That's what made the film fun for an old trek fan like me. There is plenty to make you think of the old series and yet there is much that will have you say "wow, that was different". There is plenty of action and suspense. The 3D was interesting, but not overwhelming. I think that the film stands by itself, but that people with some background will get a special kick out of it. Can't wait to talk to my friends about it.
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By dmccartney1
Written May 23, 2013
The Star Trek franchise just keeps out doing itself. This Wrath of Khan reboot comes at you with warp speed action from beginning to end. It firmly establishes the Star Trek genre as it's own while giving homage to the original characters and story. A must see.
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Excellent 3D Movie

By dawncarlo920
Written May 18, 2013
Saw STID last night with a bunch of people (some new to Star Trek and others eager to see this follow-up to the 2009 flick). If you enjoyed JJ's 2009 Star Trek, you're going to be thrilled with Into Darkness in 3D. It's action packed and visually stunning. The cast did a great job and you will want to see them again in a third trek! Overall we all agreed it's a great movie.
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Great Trek!

By Toonces2
Written May 20, 2013
I've seen all the "Star Trek" movies and this one is a hit with me! I want to see it again and that's rare. The 3-D is not necessary for enjoyment but it was good. I think anyone could enjoy it and it's particularly fun for those who are fans because of the tie-ins to the original stories. The characters are more like they should be, too. See it, bring friends, get some converts over to Sci-Fi.
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Star Trek into Darkness

By wplewis359
Written July 24, 2014
I am a confirmed Trekie and my wife loves SiFi almost as much as I do. We both loved this film. The 3D was great, but the additional cost is almost prohibative for us seniors living on scial security. $24/ticket for seniors. The character preservation from the last Star Trek was very wise and can then be pursued for many more episodes. Charachter identification is very important and lends greatly to the authentisity of the screen play. The choice of charachters and their obvious resemblance to the original characters, only enhances the entire experience. Special effects were outstanding, the crash of Khan's attack cruiser into San Francisco bay and Star Fleet Academy was the most memorable, but we loved them all. We look forward to future Star Trek adventures !!!!!
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