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Spoiler Free review From a casual Star Trek fan

By MickeyFinn
Written November 28, 2014
I'm a fan of the original series, but not a Treker(ie?)...although I do love the genre. So if you're a die-hard Treker, I don't know if aspects of this movie will wow you or annoy you (although my mother in law, a pretty huge fan of the originals, loved it). There are a TON of homages in this one, some of them subtle (an alien communication officer is wearing Uhura's earrings from the show), some of them so blatant that with lesser actors and a lesser director, would cause groans from the audience. The writers did a fantastic job packing a ton of story with good flow and dialog into this film, and JJ Abrams...the boy is one of the best directors in Hollywood right now, if he can just reel in the lens flares. Sometimes you wonder if you could decipher a code from the intensity and frequency of them. Cast are top notch. 3d is surprisingly good considering it was done in post. If you like 3d, see it that way.
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star trek was my first 3D flick

By amandamchale
Written December 27, 2014
it was GREAT! I really enjoyed it. at times, I felt the vertigo because it was my first 3D film EVER! I cried. I was stressed out. I am completely in love with the characters and I WILL go see it again!
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A Must for Star Trek Fans!

By nashville37215
Written October 25, 2014
Loved the movie!!! If you love Star Trek, you will LOVE it too! Even my husband was glad he saw it, and he isn't a big Trek fan.
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WOW !!!!

By nmelissaris
Written December 26, 2014
I must say, WOW, once again... I am a Star Trek fan as I grew up with it, BUT... This was a great movie... I loved the way that they kept throwing out hints from old and new, but twisted the opposites of the characters.... Will add this to the collection... FOR SURE !!!
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Big fun

By jimbradley
Written November 28, 2014
This was a really fun installment of the Star Trek franchise and both stands on its own to the new viewer (my wife) and for the longtime fan (myself). You can pick a Star Trek movie to pieces on all sorts of stuff or you can just enjoy it for what it is - still Wagon Train in space. This movie is particularly fun for the longtime fan because it contains so many homages and references to the original series and movies. You'll enjoy it if you ever enjoyed anything Trek.
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