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Getting their act together...

By cytokita
Written October 31, 2014
I've always been a trekkie, trekker, what-have-you. I have to admit that I really want JJ Abrams' revamp of the franchise to work. With the scale back of all of the spinoffs television shows, the movies are the only thing to look forward to. Without giving anything away, Into Darkness has a couple of scenes that even if you don't care for Star Trek, you've got to end up teary-eyed. The main characters are still be created and I'm sure will reach a perfect blend if the movie series can make a decent enough run. On a side note: the Abrams signature lens flares didn't bother me on my first viewing in Imax, but it really bothered me in regular 3D. To the Star Trek series, I can only say "Live Long and Prosper!"
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Classic Star Trek

By uncc1296
Written October 20, 2014
The makers of this movie should be applauded, not only for making a great film, but in preserving the spirit of the Star Trek franchise. Each character carries the nuances and spirit of the classic characters. From Kirk's bravado, to Dr. McCoy's catch phrases, to Spock's logic, each character holds true to their predecessors portrayal of them. The action throughout holds your attention but does not overshadow the story line. This film could have easily been a crutch for computer generated imagery, yet it is the characters who grab you and hold onto you. The 3D effects, although excellently done, do not up stage the film. I think that Gene Roddenberry would be pleased with this interpretation of his vision.
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A must see movie

By wardog4
Written October 29, 2014
Wow this movie was awesome. Spock looked so close to the real spock. The plot kept you on your toes all the time. It even for me left a question as to what happened to the girl. Wait until you see the ship the Admiral Marcus flys wow. The ending was a surprise as well. If you love Star Trek you must go see this but remember watch it closely so as not to miss a single thing.
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Oh my!!!

By A Clark Chick
Written May 17, 2013
This was a "kick-***ride"! Action, drama, tears and shocker!! Loved it!! While kinda knowing what was building up, I loved the fact that there was an audible GASP from the audience upon the reveal! Loved the twist and loved the play on it!! A few items could have been left off, however the build up for upcoming movies is all set!! For all you haters out there . . . . Remember we are dealing with an Alternate reality now and things are going to be different!! Loved this movie!! Taking the kids this weekend, as Mom wanted to see this one and get the full impact before taking them - plus - mom wanted to drool over Chris Pine - without them seeing me!! LOL! Must See!! Excellent!!
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By WhatJim
Written May 19, 2013
Talk about update vintage Star Trek! This was well done, exciting, a throwback to both the earlier movies and to the landmark TV series, and well worth viewing on the bigscreen. Can't wait for a sequel (again). Cumberpatch is the untimate cool bad guy but the ending, although a surprise, is somewhat predicitable. Think the frozen bodies will show up in a subsequent Movie?
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