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Authentic to Storyline...and Freshly Unique to Its Story

By rickhubbard
Written September 04, 2015
Commendations to the crofters: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, and J. J. Abrams. These incredible storytellers wove a sumptuous tale that delights & surprises. Authentic & true to the long-running storyline...STID surprises with fresh & unique twists rendered from the cloth of classic Star Trek icons. Congratulations to all involved with this incredible film...genius.
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Classic Star Trek

By uncc1296
Written July 05, 2015
The makers of this movie should be applauded, not only for making a great film, but in preserving the spirit of the Star Trek franchise. Each character carries the nuances and spirit of the classic characters. From Kirk's bravado, to Dr. McCoy's catch phrases, to Spock's logic, each character holds true to their predecessors portrayal of them. The action throughout holds your attention but does not overshadow the story line. This film could have easily been a crutch for computer generated imagery, yet it is the characters who grab you and hold onto you. The 3D effects, although excellently done, do not up stage the film. I think that Gene Roddenberry would be pleased with this interpretation of his vision.
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Getting their act together...

By cytokita
Written August 04, 2015
I've always been a trekkie, trekker, what-have-you. I have to admit that I really want JJ Abrams' revamp of the franchise to work. With the scale back of all of the spinoffs television shows, the movies are the only thing to look forward to. Without giving anything away, Into Darkness has a couple of scenes that even if you don't care for Star Trek, you've got to end up teary-eyed. The main characters are still be created and I'm sure will reach a perfect blend if the movie series can make a decent enough run. On a side note: the Abrams signature lens flares didn't bother me on my first viewing in Imax, but it really bothered me in regular 3D. To the Star Trek series, I can only say "Live Long and Prosper!"
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Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of You-Know-Who!

By Mick Flix
Written February 28, 2015
The action is abundant, characters get to develop and the humorous dynamics between them really start to click here. Cool to see Peter "RoboCop" Weller on board as an admiral. The main villain is well-played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and all spoilers aside, you know who that character is by now. I liked this movie a lot, probably a bit more than JJ Abrams' first Trek, although I was a little irked by the blatant rip-offs from the 80's Trek 2 (dialogue, a climactic scene involving heroic sacrifice, and one really hilarious "Shatnerism" that I thought would work as a joke, but never imagined would actually happen in this film!) But hey, these new Treks are tons of fun and I dare say better than the last few Next Generation features. Looking forward to those new Abrams-helmed Star Wars movies. Geek it up!
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A "Go" but pretty close to "So-So"

By fandango110
Written May 07, 2015
I can't decide if I'm just getting used to movies with lots of special effects or if the movie was "okay". The plot was fine, but there weren't too many moments of snappy interaction which was something I expected. Gosh the more I write the more it's "So-So". We saw this in 3-D and while it was okay, there wasn't anything that knocked your socks off. Actually several cheap 3-D effects were annoying, things coming at you that served no purpose but to be "in 3-D". Sound was okay but not dramatic, music was okay but not dramatic, fights were okay but not dramatic. Gosh. Go, it's Star Trek. But don't give yourself huge expectations and it was be "good".
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