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Star Trek is Back

By LordRaymond
Written August 01, 2014
After the great reboot of Star Trek, this sequel raises the stakes even higher. Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan is phenomenal as well as rest of the returning cast. The movie was exciting and faced paced at all times. However some things in the story were kind of ridiculous and feels poorly written at time. Overall the movie was very enjoyable and the action and visual effects were definitely on par.
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fun... as long as you suspend belief

By prowe
Written November 27, 2014
I know it's sci-fi fantasy but how come when the artificial gravity fails the crew starts falling as the ship is plummeting toward earth? And damn Kirk had a looooong time to fix the energy system.
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What a disappointment for Trekkies!

By mmackenzie
Written August 22, 2014
Like its predecessors, some Trek movies are hits and some are not. This falls into the latter category. It was not just poorly written, it is wrong. The original Trek had a cheesy sets, but the stories had interesting characters, new species in various stages of development, boldly going where no one has gone before. Darkness 3-D has amazing effects. The actors perfectly channel the originals (especially McCoy); There were all the cute tributes to the original. However, its obvious that the writers didn't respect Trek mythology. Go back to the Star Logs!. Viewers are asked to go back to where they have been before and accept needless story changes making the future illogical They adulterate the Captain Pike story. The villain is miscast. No way Benedict would later morph into one of Trek's most formidable foes. The original cast would have been forearmed A scene calls for one of the characters to sacrifice himself plagiarizing STIII. See Iron Man III again.
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By cherylshope
Written October 22, 2014
Great movie! Lots of action with stunning special effects. I literally sat on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. In my opinion Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those great British actors ranking with Sir Laurence Olivier. Mr. Cumberbatch's "quiet" scenes were riveting, but he was spectacular in the action shots, moving with the grace of a sublime dancer. It will be interesting to see what roles he tackles in the future...I'll be watching!
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By WhatJim
Written May 19, 2013
Talk about update vintage Star Trek! This was well done, exciting, a throwback to both the earlier movies and to the landmark TV series, and well worth viewing on the bigscreen. Can't wait for a sequel (again). Cumberpatch is the untimate cool bad guy but the ending, although a surprise, is somewhat predicitable. Think the frozen bodies will show up in a subsequent Movie?
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