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Simply Amazing

By jetslayer88
Written March 27, 2015
I'm not much for movie reboots and remakes. They never seem to be able to properly respect the original content while still creating something new. Star Trek: Into Darkness breaks this mold, blows it up, and disintegrates it with a death ray. I was ecstatic to experience a film the was respectful of it's original source material while bringing something new to the table. The way that Abrams provided us with a taste of history and a new world at the same time was simply amazing. A must see, and a must own for myself.
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Really enjoyed it!

By meckody
Written April 19, 2015
Fantastic use of 3D. Great character lines and nods to original series. From the audience reactions around me, Star Trek Into Darkness fully engaged both the older generation who watched in the 60's as well as the action junkies of today. I look forward to seeing it again.
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Have any of the writers, etc seen Star Trek?

By jjr1567
Written May 16, 2013
There's a lot to recommend this as a summer "popcorn" movie-- great looking cast, awesome F/X, fast paced story. I remember hearing JJ Abrams remark that a person need not be familiar with Star Trek to enjoy this film. Indeed, if a person is UNfamiliar with the original series, s/he might actually enjoy it MORE. I found it difficult to resolve some of the plot lines and resolutions with what I knew to be coming in the 'future' (this, of course, is a prequel to the original series). Fast-paced the story may be, it is not terribly strong and relies on the magnificent special effects to lure the audience in and keep them there. If you're a long term Trekkie, just go in ready to grit your teeth slightly and probably shake your head, a few times and keep a smile plastered onto your face. It's still a lot of fun to watch. If you don't know much if anything about the original series, you'll likely enjoy it very much.
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They better get it right NEXT time

By GatosGal
Written June 08, 2013
We were disgusted...this was a poor rehash of "The Wrath of Khan" with lots of explosions and stuff flying at the audience - gotta use the 3-D effects....the story got lost, and while the Kirk and Spock characters are just great, I have to say the rest of the cast is ...uh....overdone, overwrought, overacted...just not good. J.J. Abrams, that's enough retooling...let's have an original story next time!
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Star Trek into Darkness

By wplewis359
Written October 28, 2014
I am a confirmed Trekie and my wife loves SiFi almost as much as I do. We both loved this film. The 3D was great, but the additional cost is almost prohibative for us seniors living on scial security. $24/ticket for seniors. The character preservation from the last Star Trek was very wise and can then be pursued for many more episodes. Charachter identification is very important and lends greatly to the authentisity of the screen play. The choice of charachters and their obvious resemblance to the original characters, only enhances the entire experience. Special effects were outstanding, the crash of Khan's attack cruiser into San Francisco bay and Star Fleet Academy was the most memorable, but we loved them all. We look forward to future Star Trek adventures !!!!!
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