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Hope for more

By H n S
Written May 19, 2013
Awesome second to the first movie. For those of us that remember the Wrath of Khan, the introduction of Khan in this way makes me wonder if we will see him again.
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Star Trek, The INTENSE Sequel

By ThePslust
Written May 23, 2013
Truly, truly, this sequel was intense, filled with action, and fine character development. Almost felt like Abrams thought he was doing his last Star Trek movie ever, and thus he had to get everything he could into this one or lose any chance of doing so later. Truly, what will Abrams do next time? Can there be a next time? What next? Loved the character interactions; loved the interaction between the two Spocks; and I loved the overall interaction with the audience. If someone wants to see a movie with ACTION, with THRILLS, and with SUSPENSE, then this is the one to see this summer.
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Fantastic, especially as double feature!

By knoid
Written May 21, 2013
Really enjoyed the movie. It was a great story and the interesting thing about it is the ability to deal with something dealt with by the non-rebooted Kirk in a completely different manner. I liked the way it intertwined the old story with the new one. Great action and a must see. Planning on seeing it again, too!
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J.J. Abrams does everything right!

By mnsalazar
Written May 17, 2013
This was an amazing movie I highly recommend it to any true Star Trek fan out there. The story line was well developed the characters were well developed as well it was just very well thought out! if you have second thought between Iron Man3 and this movie FORGET IRON MAN!! seriously I would recommend you watch this movie instead they have a way better villain than the mandarin. All in all production and direction of this film was well built it is amazing in al aspect and you connect with all characters. I have to say that if JJ Abrams keeps up his winning streak with Stark Trek and Into Darkness I have a feeling that the third install ment will be a knock out!!
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Star Trek - Double Feature

By zvjs06
Written May 16, 2013
We were few at the double feature, but probably due to the short window of opportunity to purchase the tickets - all the better for those who attended! Watching the two movies back-to-back allows for a direct comparison...and the second may be better than the first. I will see Into the Darkness another time or two on the big screen (IMAX 3D tonight!) , very enjoyable movie. well pleased.
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