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Star Trek Beyond Synopsis
Stranded on a hostile planet, Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew face an alien threat.
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Boldly going where no audience member can follow the action

By smudgepuck
Decent story, great characterization, touching tribute to Leonard Nimoy (and the whole original cast)...but the action is just too frenetic. Given that, by its nature, it defies gravity, takes place...

Star Trek beyond

By perry52
I am a big fan of Star Trek. Love all the tv series and movies.....except this one. This one felt soulless and a bit like a video game. Very disappointing....

Best of both worlds.

By ssfblue
Simply put, this is the best film of the Kelvin Timeline. It has something for everyone; hardcore Star Trek fan amd general fan alike. Will definitely be seeing it again in the theaters....

Great movie!

By tmarii53
I am a long-time time (50 year) Star Trek fan and I think this is the best movie made in the franchise....

Couldn't direct his way 'Beyond' the outer reaches of a paper bag

By keithlockeconnects
Sorry Justin - this wasn't a movie. It was a collection of disconnected clips that were so poorly lit - so poorly directed (and scored) that I cannot believe it made it to the screen. A few moments of...

By tnslvr28
The worst Star Trek ever! Just plain dumb....

It was OK

By fredbivetto
It was OK - nothing special. I have been a fan of Star Trek since the 1970s - it just doesn't have the magic - very light on the Harlan Ellison type of story blended with real science fiction....

Star Trek as it should be

By Piley
Of all of the Kelvin Timeline, this was the most Star Trek-ish story of them all. Very good and we'll executed. Excellent acting and interaction....

Just okay

By trbeehleriii
This movie was just okay.. Not bad abut not as good as I expected....

Sulu and the old abnormal

By n18
I am boycotting this movie. Sulu was turned into food-exit lover, which is less likely to happen as we would have less influence from the three major religions and the old abnormal that they created....

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence and Sequences of Sci-Fi Action
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Common Sense Media says Violent but exciting adventure honors teamwork, diversity.
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