This still gives me goose bumps!

By flashgordonzeus
Written October 21, 2007
A must see for any Trekker! I would be nice to see the Original pilot episode "The Cage" follow right after "The Menagerie, as there are some scenes not included in the two parter. I would love to see City on the Edge of Forever and Amok Time on the big screen.
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It's About Time!

By RavennWing
Written November 01, 2007
Finally! Star Trek...right where it belongs! They definitely need to get all of the episodes onto the big screen! Especially Doomsday Machine. I can only imagine the score from that episode exploding in a theater! That episode had the most suspenseful score I have ever heard. The Menagerie was a ground took the family entertainment hour where no show has gone before and none ever will. No television series will ever have the impact that Star Trek did and it deserves it's time in the big lights!
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The Menagerie

By Daryl17
Written November 06, 2007
This is one of the best of the Original Series episodes. It will be incredible to finally see my favorite show on the big screen. Any fan of Star Trek shouldn't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.
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Classic Trek on the Big Screen

By rsjoberg
Written November 18, 2007
Thanks to Paramount's remastering of the original Star Trek episodes for Hi-Def DVD, we now have a version that looks good on the big screen. Just as it was clever of Gene Rodenberry to reuse the footage from the unaired first Star Trek pilot in the two-part Menagerie episodes, now the whole thing gets reused again in what is actually a 2 hour commercial for the HD DVD sets. But all the patrons in the sold-out show I was in were willing participants -- a respectful crowd, happy to share in a new way of experiencing a well worn classic. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see classic Trek in a theater. Plus bonus content with Rodenberry's son, making-of the HD DVD, and a rare treat: home movies shot on the sets in the 60s! We bought our tickets in advance, fearing a sellout to loyal fans. Many theaters added encore showings. I'm hoping this is the start of a new trend. I think there are enough fans who would pay to gather to see their favorite TV shows on the big screen!
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By Nater52
Written November 28, 2007
i really hope they do this again for the next season's HD DVD releases. not only did the movie look AMAZING, but the fan response was overwhelming. it was cool to be in a room full of fellow star trek fans. i wore a yellow command shirt, which made me a nerd among nerds. AWESOME.
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