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ST:TNG - Best of Both Worlds

By thebaer40
Written April 26, 2013
Initially, the theater was running "previews" as usual but related to ST:TNG, however when the interviews started of the cast / crew they kept running over on screen. At least there was no conflicting sounds from the previews, just the 2 images overlayed. I can live with that... they cleared it up in a few minutes. Then the show started, and it was like time never passed. I was back in '89 waiting for the season finale!! Everything was fine - no loud talking, etc. Seemed everyone else was into it too. There was one major issue -- towards the end as Data is accessing the Borg thru Picard, the disc skipped!!!!!! Like 15 - 30 seconds!!! Then again for about a 5 second gap!!! And of course it was the crucial part where Picard and Data are trying to find a way in. Ah well. Over all was great. Seeing it like it was the first time -- and on the BIG screen!
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Best of Both Worlds

By tekexec
Written April 26, 2013
Enjoyable , and always good to watch and listen to good story telling. Graphics were nicely improved. If I were the company promoting this type of event I would have handed out as special coupon to each attendee. Great Night and I look forward to Season 4 on the big screen :)
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Fun Evening- Great Way to See a Favorite Episode(s)

By dtsedano
Written April 27, 2013
The wife and I had a great time. The room was packed with enthusiastic fans. Enjoyed seeing it on the big screen in all its glory and the outtakes were hilarious! All in all a great way to spend an evening when your a Trekie. If you're not a Trekie.... might not be your cup of tea. (a little pricey but what the heck!)
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Great & disappointing all at once.

By James Stevenson
Written April 26, 2013
The theater was packed! It was shown in its original aspect ratio, which I was VERY glad to see, so there were big black lines on each side of the picture. There were also a few special features before & after the show - "makings/reviews/memories" of it, outtakes from several episodes, and a commercial for the STTNG blu-rays. But there were 2 glaring problems: 1st, it wasn't shown with the "restored" quality picture, as advertised - it was the same original 1990s-quality bland picture. And 2nd, (and the WORST), was they showed the "makings of" section (which included commentary from the actors & others) BEFORE THE EPISODES!! What IDIOT decided that??? I hadn't seen them in years, had forgotten so much about them, and was really looking forward to seeing it almost "fresh" (and *MANY* people there agreed). Whoever was in charge of the showing order needs to be smacked in the face, and then be forbidden to work on other similar projects for that company.
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Great Idea Not So Great Execution

By interphase
Written April 29, 2013
Great to show daughter, but extras at start gave away too much. Should've done at end instead. We enjoyed it though! Great to see Next Gen. Forgot how much I miss it.
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