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great but they screwed up

By Synergyscott
Written July 25, 2014
Both myself and my wife are latecomers to ST:NG and have been watching on Netflix. We had not seen Best of Both Worlds yet, so the fact that they showed the Behind the Scenes BEFORE the movie RUINED the suspense of everything!, We now knew what was going to happen so the whole cliffhanger appeal was gone. I would have liked if they played Part I first, then a 5 minute intermission, and then Part II, then the Behind the Scenes last. The sound was great, the re-mastering pretty good but I thought the color saturation was slightly overdone and a little artificial. That said, we enjoyed the evening and really love the idea of special events like this. More please!
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Great episode. Poor presentation.

By Lifterbear
Written July 30, 2014
The Best of Both Worlds is one of the finest episodes of the Next Generation series. Unfortunately Fathom Events did not do it justice. The video quality was acceptable (not HD quality) and the audio left much to be desired. All the audio was in the front of the theatre with little stereophonic effect, no surround and little bass. Next Gen was one of the first TV Series not only broadcast in stereo but also had Dolby Surround. It sounded better on my home sound system when it first aired than it did last night at the theatre. The advertisement for the Blu-Ray release of Next Gen Season 4 had better video and audio quality than the main feature. I'm not sure it was worth $15/ticket to see it on the big screen without the benefit of the quality of the theatre's projector and sound system.
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Just OK

By LAK1982
Written April 27, 2013
I'm a huge Trekkie fan. Very excited to see this on the big screen. What spoiled it was they showed the inside track into making these two episodes which included many of the scenes so by the time the show started, I felt like I had seen the movie even before they showed it in entirety. They should have shown the extra features after the showing. The digitally re-mastered version was well done, the colors were much brighter. I'm glad I went but I probably won't go to another such event again. The gag outtakes at the end were good.
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The Best of Both Worlds!

By Skorn254
Written April 28, 2013
Seeing this great two-parter on the big screen was excellent. Conversion was good with a few hiccups. One or two shots were blurry and out-of-focus. The episodes themselves were excellent. I wanted them to play the "to be continued" after the 1st part but it was edited together with the next episode. Not a huge thing. Extras shown before and after the episodes played were great! Overall pretty good.
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One of the best Star Trek TNG sets...and on the big screen

By kilicus
Written April 26, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this special presentation. The evening started with terrific interviews of the stars. The two part set was presented without pause, and their did a great job of remastering it - it looked amazing on the big screen. The followed it up with a bloopers reel, which had the audience coming unglued with laughter. I hope that they do more like these!
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