By rwilliams_fl
Written May 29, 2016
The putting together of both parts in the series was a great idea. The biggest draw back when watching the movie last night was the LOOOONG drawn out How the movie was made. It was good for awhile but it was like is this movie ever going to start. Can't wait to get the Blu-Ray DVD when it comes out.
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Throughly Loved the SMovie - But a Disruptive Audience Member Ruined the Evening

By bam80209
Written May 05, 2016
An audience member was groaning and making animal sounds and ruined the evening. It took security half of the show before they removed the disruptive person. When security came, there were loud discussions between them and the disruptive audience member for about 10 minutes, that further ruined the experience. In fact, the entire audience applauded when then person was finally removed.
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Enjoyed all of it

By wscuburch
Written July 04, 2015
It was great to see the two episodes combined into one continuous story, all with enhanced picture and sound. (Especially the sound - wow) Star Trek TNG fans will enjoy the show, and a number who aren't fans as well, as although made for TV, it is an interesting stand-alone story as well. The special features, especially the bloopers were hilarious - haven't laughed that much in awhile.
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Fun One-Night Event

By missvp2032
Written July 02, 2015
It was great to see a packed house for this event, and fun to see this show - which I grew up watching - on the big screen!
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Horrable Expeerance! Did not even get to see it!!!

By ajoreilly
Written June 27, 2016
I was SO disappointed! Not because of the episode (I didn’t even get to see it) but because of the “Regal Village Square Las Vegas” Movie Theater’s incompetence. We walked in to them showing an episode of De Vinci on STARZ, and at 7:30 (half hour after start time) they were playing with the Guide on the Direct TV which was hooked up to the screen! They finally get the system working at 7:45 and were “fast forwarding and rewinding” across the episode for nearly 10 minutes before they got to the beginning of the episode! By that time, I was over it. After the opening sequence, they PAUSED the show again to take a poll of everyone who wanted to go back and watch the “walk in” pictures and questions. I needed to work this morning, so we left. I was looking forward to this in a MAJOR way. SO DISAPOINTED!!!!!!
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