Excellent Episodes ruined by terrible execution and customer service

By tgiokdi
Written August 21, 2014
Spent 30 minutes before the episodes watching every major plot point be spoiled and ruined by a documentary with the cast and crew, which would have been awesome to have been AFTER the film and not BEFORE the film. To top it all off, once the main event started, about 15 minutes into it there was a "data sync" error on the screen, it displayed wonky pixels for about 10 seconds and then skipped ahead about 20 minutes. We went from introductions of the upstart blonde LT to Picard being abducted by the borg. No one from the theater came in to explain anything and eventually half the room got up to go see what was going on. There never was any official word on what actually happened, and gave me the impression we were paying to watching a crappy DVR projected on a screen that had lines in it. Very disappointing, was my first experience with these types of special events and I see no particular reason to ever go back again.
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The Showing Was A Disaster

By spowell980
Written September 25, 2016
Yesterday's showing of this very special Star Trek event was a disaster. Twice during the showing at the Regal Stonecrest, the download was lost and each time about 10 minutes of the special event were lost. Many boos! The theater did try to overcome this by giving all who attended a free ticket to any upcoming movie. The theater was full. Overall, I can't understand why 'downloads' like this are not done early and checked out before showing them. Sadly, this will cause many not to attend future Star Trek events. My "so-so" rating is not for the Star Trek show, but for the execution of the whole event.
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Playback Malfunction at United Artists Theatres, Riverview Plaza, Philadelphia, PA

By sjartist74
Written September 28, 2016
I didn't mind the intro in the beginning with interviews and how they made certain scenes. What sucked was that 15 minutes into part 2 of the main movie presentation, the projection stopped, TWICE. I lined up with over a hundred other disappointed fans and got a full refund. Then my friend and I went home and watched the rest of it. The only thing that sucked was not getting to see the bloopers. But at least what we DID see was basically free.
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Fun One-Night Event

By missvp2032
Written August 27, 2016
It was great to see a packed house for this event, and fun to see this show - which I grew up watching - on the big screen!
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Throughly Loved the SMovie - But a Disruptive Audience Member Ruined the Evening

By bam80209
Written May 05, 2016
An audience member was groaning and making animal sounds and ruined the evening. It took security half of the show before they removed the disruptive person. When security came, there were loud discussions between them and the disruptive audience member for about 10 minutes, that further ruined the experience. In fact, the entire audience applauded when then person was finally removed.
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