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Best of Both Worlds

By tekexec
Written July 29, 2014
Enjoyable , and always good to watch and listen to good story telling. Graphics were nicely improved. If I were the company promoting this type of event I would have handed out as special coupon to each attendee. Great Night and I look forward to Season 4 on the big screen :)
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Star Trek: Best of both Worlds

By mfrfrances
Written August 29, 2014
One of my favorite 2 part episodes of Next Gen and it was magnificent on the big screen. The event was practically sold out at the Burbank AMC - and it was so much fun to have so many ST fans sharing the experience. The last time Burbank hosted this event, they never were able to get the screen working, so we were very happy they fixed that problem this time.
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You will

By nola5000
Written April 26, 2013
The Borg take Picard and head towards Earth to "assimilate" it, leaving the crew to figure out how to defeat the Borg and save Picard. Great story and a great show made better in HD on the big screen.
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Fun to watch!

By rob931
Written April 26, 2013
It was fun to watch this done as a movie 20+ years after watching it on TV. The enhanced format was nice, but didn't seem like it added much to me. The beauty of it is still the acting and dialogue. If you enjoy Star Trek, I recommend this highly.
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Well worth the time...horrible sound quality though

By Capes
Written April 26, 2013
This movie had two drawbacks: 1)it was shown on the big screen in 4x3 aspect when it should be 16x9. 2)But the real issue was the sound quality was terrible. It was the caliber of a bad download from a cpu. The two part episode rocks so it is still worth the time....but it could have been better...
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