Star Trek- TNG The BEST of Both Worlds

By MelodyLocke
Written October 24, 2016
This was such a wonderful experience from beginning to end. We didn't have to sit through countless previews of movies- NO TRAILERS- which is incredible as I see the same ones over & over. After the initial trivia screen shots we saw the "Behind the Scenes" which was so wonderful as the actors and filmmakers were equally involved. The joining of the two Borg/Locutus episodes was brilliant - it would have run more like a movie had they been able to run it more together where the original commercial breaks were but all in all it was a beautiful way to revisit my old friends and on the big screen! After the movie, we were shown the "Blooper" scenes which were really very fun to watch. What was intriguing was the audience obviously are all big fans of TNG; but I have never been sitting amongst an entire group as involved and enthralled as we all were in Monterey. Deep silence because we were all so connected to the show. Bravo!
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Horrable Expeerance! Did not even get to see it!!!

By ajoreilly
Written August 25, 2016
I was SO disappointed! Not because of the episode (I didn’t even get to see it) but because of the “Regal Village Square Las Vegas” Movie Theater’s incompetence. We walked in to them showing an episode of De Vinci on STARZ, and at 7:30 (half hour after start time) they were playing with the Guide on the Direct TV which was hooked up to the screen! They finally get the system working at 7:45 and were “fast forwarding and rewinding” across the episode for nearly 10 minutes before they got to the beginning of the episode! By that time, I was over it. After the opening sequence, they PAUSED the show again to take a poll of everyone who wanted to go back and watch the “walk in” pictures and questions. I needed to work this morning, so we left. I was looking forward to this in a MAJOR way. SO DISAPOINTED!!!!!!
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Make it so Number One...

By clmiller0605
Written May 29, 2017
Can I just say WOW and leave it at that? What a FUN experience! I'm a die-hard Next Gen Trekkie and having the chance to see one of, if not THE, best episode(s) in the entire seven-year run of STTNG on the big screen was a dream! It looked fantastic, and the audience had a great time. I hope Fathom Events will do more in the future...I'll be there!!
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Resistance was FUTILE !

By dsterl
Written January 19, 2017
I couldn't resist if I wanted to....We had a great time and relived, again, the drama, excitement and intrigue of the BORG as Jean Luc was taken away from us not knowing whether we'd ever get him back. What a cliff hanger during the original series ! We saw it then and we couldn't resist to see it again last night at UA Town Center theatre. The crowd was excited and alive and the place was packed. It was a great adventure on the big screen and watching the cast's comments as well as afterwards,, the outtakes, kept us all laughing and informed. I heard myself say "I didn't know that !" We'll continue to attend any other Star Trek events held here ! Thanks FANDANGO, for a great date night. Oh, and the popcorn was fabulous !
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Great job on updating the episode

By jacqueshock
Written January 23, 2017
The effects of updating the show to Blue-Ray quality are outstanding. You can even read more of the features on the faces of the characters, which only add to the story. I probably would have played the episodes first before the commentary, just so there would not be any "spoilers" to those who had not seen the show.
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