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Best eps, bloopers fun, documentary too much...

By GlynnisI
Written August 20, 2014
I took my son to see 'The Best of Both Worlds' event and we had a good time, overall. Best of Both Worlds eps are the best of STTNG. I wish they had not "spoiled" the feature by showing a 30 min 'making of' documentary first. Too long, too much, took away from the experience. I wish they had shown Feature, Bloopers, then Documentary. Granted, I probably wouldn't have watched whole documentary in that case, but it's my money. The crowd was good. You kind of know you're getting Trekkers at an event like this and they are always good fun. :) All were pretty polite through the documentary tho there was restlessness around us as it dragged on. There was a tech glitch in the middle of the feature that dropped one scene, but it resumed very quickly (only 1 person had time to yell about the cost of the ticket). All in all, glad I went and "assimilated" my son.
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Well worth the time...horrible sound quality though

By Capes
Written October 01, 2014
This movie had two drawbacks: 1)it was shown on the big screen in 4x3 aspect when it should be 16x9. 2)But the real issue was the sound quality was terrible. It was the caliber of a bad download from a cpu. The two part episode rocks so it is still worth the time....but it could have been better...
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Great episode. Poor presentation.

By Lifterbear
Written July 30, 2014
The Best of Both Worlds is one of the finest episodes of the Next Generation series. Unfortunately Fathom Events did not do it justice. The video quality was acceptable (not HD quality) and the audio left much to be desired. All the audio was in the front of the theatre with little stereophonic effect, no surround and little bass. Next Gen was one of the first TV Series not only broadcast in stereo but also had Dolby Surround. It sounded better on my home sound system when it first aired than it did last night at the theatre. The advertisement for the Blu-Ray release of Next Gen Season 4 had better video and audio quality than the main feature. I'm not sure it was worth $15/ticket to see it on the big screen without the benefit of the quality of the theatre's projector and sound system.
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Great Idea Not So Great Execution

By interphase
Written November 24, 2014
Great to show daughter, but extras at start gave away too much. Should've done at end instead. We enjoyed it though! Great to see Next Gen. Forgot how much I miss it.
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Entertaining evening!

By criddleryan82
Written September 19, 2014
I've seen this episode many times, but it was still cool to see it on the big screen. The gag reel was hilarious and the opening documentary were easily worth the price of admission.
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