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Loved it, but would re-arrange the presentation

By brannig9918
Written April 29, 2013
Of course I loved it - who doesn't love ST:TNG? And this particular episode is my favorite. The only thing I would change is that I would run the "making-of" feature after the episode itself. If someone had never seen the episode it would have been ruined by numerous spoilers in this feature that they for some reason ran before the episode. Why? Who knows. It was just a stupid thing to do. Regardless, I loved it. I wish it had been advertised better. I only found out about it by accident. I missed the last Star Trek event because I didn't know about it.
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The best of both Worlds?:

By Ronco103
Written April 26, 2013
The DVD is recorded in HD Digital, the movie was not! The presentation was grainy and dark. Not the best format for this type of event!
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great but they screwed up

By Synergyscott
Written September 01, 2014
Both myself and my wife are latecomers to ST:NG and have been watching on Netflix. We had not seen Best of Both Worlds yet, so the fact that they showed the Behind the Scenes BEFORE the movie RUINED the suspense of everything!, We now knew what was going to happen so the whole cliffhanger appeal was gone. I would have liked if they played Part I first, then a 5 minute intermission, and then Part II, then the Behind the Scenes last. The sound was great, the re-mastering pretty good but I thought the color saturation was slightly overdone and a little artificial. That said, we enjoyed the evening and really love the idea of special events like this. More please!
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Best eps, bloopers fun, documentary too much...

By GlynnisI
Written August 20, 2014
I took my son to see 'The Best of Both Worlds' event and we had a good time, overall. Best of Both Worlds eps are the best of STTNG. I wish they had not "spoiled" the feature by showing a 30 min 'making of' documentary first. Too long, too much, took away from the experience. I wish they had shown Feature, Bloopers, then Documentary. Granted, I probably wouldn't have watched whole documentary in that case, but it's my money. The crowd was good. You kind of know you're getting Trekkers at an event like this and they are always good fun. :) All were pretty polite through the documentary tho there was restlessness around us as it dragged on. There was a tech glitch in the middle of the feature that dropped one scene, but it resumed very quickly (only 1 person had time to yell about the cost of the ticket). All in all, glad I went and "assimilated" my son.
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Well worth the time...horrible sound quality though

By Capes
Written October 01, 2014
This movie had two drawbacks: 1)it was shown on the big screen in 4x3 aspect when it should be 16x9. 2)But the real issue was the sound quality was terrible. It was the caliber of a bad download from a cpu. The two part episode rocks so it is still worth the time....but it could have been better...
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