Star Trek: Best of both Worlds

By mfrfrances
Written February 08, 2016
One of my favorite 2 part episodes of Next Gen and it was magnificent on the big screen. The event was practically sold out at the Burbank AMC - and it was so much fun to have so many ST fans sharing the experience. The last time Burbank hosted this event, they never were able to get the screen working, so we were very happy they fixed that problem this time.
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Great fun for all!

By momto1FL
Written January 27, 2015
I am not a Trekkie at all, but loved the interviews with the stars and the behind-the-scenes tidbits, also the film itself. Great fun and length was just right.
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So Much Fun

By Sassy54
Written October 21, 2016
It was pretty fantastic seeing Star Trek: The Next Generation The Best of Both Worlds on the big screen. I had no idea there were going to be interviews before the movie and a blooper reel after. Both were interesting, funny and just entertaining in general. This is the perfect way to do a old school Trek movie for the fans. I could tell that everyone else there enjoyed it as much as I did. And my son had never seen any Borg episodes and he also thought the movie was fun.
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ST:TNG - Best of Both Worlds

By thebaer40
Written August 30, 2016
Initially, the theater was running "previews" as usual but related to ST:TNG, however when the interviews started of the cast / crew they kept running over on screen. At least there was no conflicting sounds from the previews, just the 2 images overlayed. I can live with that... they cleared it up in a few minutes. Then the show started, and it was like time never passed. I was back in '89 waiting for the season finale!! Everything was fine - no loud talking, etc. Seemed everyone else was into it too. There was one major issue -- towards the end as Data is accessing the Borg thru Picard, the disc skipped!!!!!! Like 15 - 30 seconds!!! Then again for about a 5 second gap!!! And of course it was the crucial part where Picard and Data are trying to find a way in. Ah well. Over all was great. Seeing it like it was the first time -- and on the BIG screen!
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Best eps, bloopers fun, documentary too much...

By GlynnisI
Written May 26, 2016
I took my son to see 'The Best of Both Worlds' event and we had a good time, overall. Best of Both Worlds eps are the best of STTNG. I wish they had not "spoiled" the feature by showing a 30 min 'making of' documentary first. Too long, too much, took away from the experience. I wish they had shown Feature, Bloopers, then Documentary. Granted, I probably wouldn't have watched whole documentary in that case, but it's my money. The crowd was good. You kind of know you're getting Trekkers at an event like this and they are always good fun. :) All were pretty polite through the documentary tho there was restlessness around us as it dragged on. There was a tech glitch in the middle of the feature that dropped one scene, but it resumed very quickly (only 1 person had time to yell about the cost of the ticket). All in all, glad I went and "assimilated" my son.
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