Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Best of Both Worlds Synopsis
The TV episode, re-edited into a feature. Also included: behind-the-scenes film clips.

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By queenmarina
It was great! I loved the special features, and it was cool to see the episode on the big screen. Some of the costumes and make-up didn't look so good on the big screen, but it was still fun....

Opening Documentary Ruined It For Me

By meltonken
The presentation began with a half-hour long documentary on behind the scenes interviews with the crew and members of the set (endlessly clamoring over themselves)...but I digress. What really got to...


By phantompr
Completely restored with great sound and awesome picture quality. A must for any Star Trek fan. The bloopers at the end of the show were the best!...

Loved every minute!

By mjd718
ST:TNG has been a family favorite that holds many happy memories. Loved seeing the original stills followed by the restored versions. "The Best of Both Worlds" was amazing on the big screen; the...

Another great ST:TNG event!

By weez42
Best of Both Worlds, parts 1 and 2 (Season 3 Finale and Season 4 Premiere) are arguably some of the best work done on ST:TNG. The background on the making of the shows was very good, and the blooper...

Playback Malfunction at United Artists Theatres, Riverview Plaza, Philadelphia, PA

By sjartist74
I didn't mind the intro in the beginning with interviews and how they made certain scenes. What sucked was that 15 minutes into part 2 of the main movie presentation, the projection stopped, TWICE. I...

Excellent Episodes ruined by terrible execution and customer service

By tgiokdi
Spent 30 minutes before the episodes watching every major plot point be spoiled and ruined by a documentary with the cast and crew, which would have been awesome to have been AFTER the film and not...

The Showing Was A Disaster

By spowell980
Yesterday's showing of this very special Star Trek event was a disaster. Twice during the showing at the Regal Stonecrest, the download was lost and each time about 10 minutes of the special event...

Fun One-Night Event

By missvp2032
It was great to see a packed house for this event, and fun to see this show - which I grew up watching - on the big screen!...

For true die hard fans

By ctocity
This was my first time doing this type of event and I did enjoy it very much. Our theater was almost full of true trek fans. The quality of the image was great! The small feature before the show...

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