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Reminded of how great 'The Next Generation' really was

By cdydatzigs
Written December 21, 2014
This presentation was really fantastic. If the goal of putting this together was to sell Blu-rays, it certainly worked! Not only were we treated to two fantastic episodes of the series from Season 2 in HD but we were also shown lengthy snippets from the behind-the-scenes featurtte, the 2012 cast reunion in Calgary and most importantly -- the blooper reel! The signifcance of the latter can't be understated as Paramount has never been in the business of putting Star Trek outtakes out there for public consumption. These were discovered by the people going through the original negatives for the remastering, so in addition to never being seen before? All of the bloopers were in stunning HD! The whole presentation was neatly put together and I caught myself relishing the chance to see all 178 episodes in HD someday. Yes, these sets are pricey but if you are going to have a version of this beloved series on your shelf for years and years? It simply HAS to be these remastered versions.
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Star Trek Fan

By Chad_James
Written September 23, 2014
Incredible to see 12 additional minutes of "Measure of a Man" Totally worth it though it was basically a commercial to advertise the blue ray release of seasons 1-3.
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Star-Trek: The Next Generation - A Celebration of Season 2

By esthershaman
Written October 31, 2014
I am a long time Treky (sp?) I accidentally came across the movie on your site. That is my only criticism. Why was there little if any advertising for this event. I found out from other fans that i missed the last one. Somebody in the PR dept. needs to be fired. Loved the presentation. Thought it was better than most of the stuff I watch on TV. Great acting, terrific scripts, engaging stories.
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Pretty weak so-called restoration. Don't bother going. Watch episodes at home instead.

By liamscanlan
Written December 20, 2014
I found the sound quality poor, parts being too loud suddenly. I guess they took the sound straight from the TV version without adjusting volumes for the theater. Also, the brightness was off. A lot of the darker parts of the screen were simply black. It looked like the picture lamp needed to be brighter. Also, too much pointless chatter from people involved in the production. it all felt like they were just trying to squeeze a little more out of the franchise. Pretty disappointing, I have to say. Maybe I expected too much.
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Great for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Written November 30, 2012
This event featured two of TNG's best episodes, "Q Who?" (where we first encounter the Borg), and "The Measure of a Man" (where a hearing is held to determine Data's status as Star Fleet property or an individual, sentient being). "The Measure of a Man" included about 12 minutes of restored footage that had been cut from the episode, as it had originally ran too long. It was interesting to see the extra footage, though I could also see that it wasn't quite necessary to the story. The best parts were the extras, including bloopers from second season, a cast reunion, and other interviews with people who worked on the show. It's very interesting to see how things were done, and to learn why certain decisions were made. I gained a lot of insight into what happened as they were making the show. If you have no interest in Star Trek and TNG, then you won't be upset that you missed this. But if you are a fan of TNG and didn't go, you missed a great event.
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