Star Trek Fan

By Chad_James
Written December 10, 2016
Incredible to see 12 additional minutes of "Measure of a Man" Totally worth it though it was basically a commercial to advertise the blue ray release of seasons 1-3.
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Entertainment at it's best

By Enterprise_47
Written October 20, 2016
Took a friend of mine to see this screening with me and he didn't get it. He said he was bored! However, the extended version of "Measure of a man" was very well done and there were some scenes I had not seen before and were handled very well. The story is very much current in modern times and touches on philosophical problems of the past as well as the future. Thoroughly enjoyed this very much - of course - anything that Gene Roddenberry created I'm all over it. Star Trek was and is a very positive story of the possibility that the 24th Century will be better than what it is today. At the very least, it gives us hope!!
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Star Trek: The Next Generation - A celebration of Season 2

By revmichaelm
Written August 27, 2016
I love the show, seeing it on the big screen is very different then on the small screen (tv). I love the extra clips of the interviews, and the bloppers. I like hearing the other people laugh at the bloppers. When is season 3 coming to the theaters? beam me in for that one too.
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Wish I could have actually seen it!

By fitzy1971
Written October 28, 2016
Went with a great group of friends to see this but the theater had nothing less than immense technical difficulties. We sat there for an hour among the other 200 angry Trekkies to no avail. Left disappointed and watched the episodes on our iPhones at a local restaurant instead. Major Bummer! We did all get our money back and free tickets, only plus side.
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New Fan

By Punzee
Written January 19, 2017
I loved the showing. I always admired Star Trek in general, but never took up an ongoing interest in the show. What was I thinking??!? It's still fun at my age (33) to see it all for the first time in this way and I plan to view all the future releases as soon as they become available! I bought season 1 on Blue ray for my boyfriend so maybe he'll get season 2 for Christmas! :)
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