Str Trek Next Generatrion Season Two Celebration A Great Ride!

By jrmtour
Written February 13, 2016
The presentation with behind the scenes looks and cast interviews and not one, but two episodes from season two is a great ride through past memories and future dreams of things to come! The episodes are beautifully remastered and now include scenes that were edited out of the original broadcast shows. The interviews with the cast and filming crews add to the excitement of the production by giving a glimpse into things that were going on behind the camera when season two was in production. It is especially interesting to see some of the background work that went into the special effects of the series and the filming of season two. Overall the movie is a ride through great memories of the past twenty five years of Star Trek The Next Generation and through the dreams of science fiction that will one day become science reality in generations to come! A great film for Star Trek fans of any age!
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Star Trek: The Next Generation in theaters!

By ashhonez
Written February 09, 2016
I love seeing the season episodes in theaters! It's amazing to see the restored and enhanced episodes, and also the bonus footage like bloopers and behind the scenes! A great experience that I will encourage others to attend with me! :D
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STTNG 2nd Season Blu-Ray event

By Koba2554
Written January 27, 2015
The STTNG event was a fun evening. This is a TV show, so the acting wasn't Shakespearean (pun intended) but everyone understands that. "Measure of a Man" was a great reminder about what made STTNG so special. It felt like spending an evening with some old friends that you haven't seen in a while.
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To Boldly low res when high res is here

By Rassillon
Written May 03, 2016
A fun evening in the company of like minded people spoilt by the glitchy low res blur o vision screening of a feature meant to sell the faithfull on the benefits of the Blu Ray conversion of TNG season2. The content was fine the extended edition was a treat but the old school soft focus low resolution is unforgiveable. The dish network dvr delivering the content crapping out twice during the show was a real bummer. On the positive side I honestly believe the blu ray release will breath new life and reveal new facets to you no matter how many times you have seen the broadcast versions. Thats based on my home experience with the ST TNG blu ray sampler disc not this god awful low res "showcase".
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Season 2 Celebration- Star Trek Next Generation

By lisaday04
Written July 29, 2015
While I wasn't sure about the slideshow of re-done scenes at the start of the event, I totally loved the episodes and interviews! "The Measure of a Man" episode was the original and complete episode that had been previously edited due its lengthy dialogue. I had never seen it before so I cannot give a comparison but I can say that this version was amazing in its depth and conviction. It reminded me of why I love this franchise so much and miss it so. Of course one of my favorite parts was the group interview. The TNG cast explained why they worked together so well and also why Dr. Crusher was missing from Season 2. I cannot wait for the release of Season 3 and highly encourage TNG fans to attend these events. It is rare to get to be in a room with others who sincerely appreciate Star Trek and TNG, unless of course you are lucky enough to go to Vegas or L.A. for the conventions.
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