Season 2: Fun time

By mdimeo
Written January 23, 2017
This was less of a movie event and more of a documentary with a couple of Star Trek remastered episodes mixed in. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The remastered shows were good but a bit dark (no contrast) so it constantly looked like the characters were in shadows. It was in the original 4:3 aspect ratio so I really felt like I was watching my 1990's TV. I especially liked the addition of the deleted scenes, it made the episodes feel familiar yet different. I would definitely see Season 3 when it comes out.
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Star Trek: The Next Generation-A Celebration of Season 2

By sukazu
Written May 24, 2017
What a thrill to see one of my favorite shows on the big screen. It was even more enjoyable to see the cast and hear behind the scenes comments. I went to this showing with a friend and also a new friend. Made the night even better
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Frakin SWEET!!

By onewinginblood
Written October 21, 2016
Even though I've seen these episodes a hundred times, it was awesome to see them on the big screen and digitally remastered in Hi Def. Can't wait for the next one!!
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Great presentation was abysmal!

By Chuckingdice
Written August 27, 2016
I went to go see this at the Burbank AMC 16 last night. The episodes were superb, and I loved the extended cut of "Measure of a Man". The theater really dropped the ball though because it was littered with technical problems. It took over four hours to view two episodes of Star Trek TNG. I like Fathom Events like this, but the local AMC really dropped the ball. Don't go to the Burbank AMC 16 to watch these events because it's obvious that they don't know what they're doing there.
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By delltaco
Written February 20, 2017
Getting to see the episodes re-mastered in HD and 7.1 audio is a huge difference. I loved how they did It and there hard work showed in the quality of it all. Hope they do this again for the third season.
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